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Avatar: The Way Of Water Fans Have An Eye-Opening Theory About Eywa's Connection To Kiri

It may have taken James Cameron over a decade to deliver his ambitious sequel, but finally, "Avatar: The Way of Water" is here. Cameron connoisseurs will appreciate the sweeping visuals and heartfelt story found in the director's well-known endeavors such as "Titanic." But in light of the large scope of the film, many questions are left unanswered in "Avatar: The Way of Water."

Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri's (Zoe Saldaña) collection of children is one of the more glaring opportunities for an explanation. In addition to the biological children they have had over the years, the warrior couple has also adopted the familiar-sounding Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), who has an ambiguous family tree at best. Luckily for fans of the film, there will be plenty of time to dive into answers. Cameron's plan of at least three sequels should yield an interesting conclusion to these mysteries (via IMDb). But while fans wait for these follow-up films to materialize, they have wasted no time dissecting the possibilities.

Kiri may be more divine in nature than we realize

In every culture, religion points to the set of values held by its people. Though James Cameron has made up the Na'vi and their devotion to the All-Mother known as Eywa, the principle remains the same. The Na'vi believe that Pandora exists in a cycle of harmony. Believing that all things are connected and owe their lives to Eywa, they respect every organism and living thing. Sacred plants such as the Tree of Souls are to be respected as they believe that once they die, their consciousness will return to the earth. While humans are intent on mining Pandora for its resources, the Na'vi believe that everything is connected. Fans on Reddit took this idea to heart when hypothesizing about Kiri's origins.

U/TheLordAutismo posed a theory that Kiri's connection to Pandora is so powerful that it might point in the direction of who she is, saying: "Kiri is the reincarnation/incarnation of Eywa." This was a theory that was echoed in different variations across the board. Other Redditors thought that if Kiri wasn't a literal incarnation of Eywa, she may be connected in another way.

"The movies are going to reveal that Eywa is actually the living breathing organism Pandora itself, it's not just a planet it's an organism itself that has thoughts and emotions too," u/ZamanthaD noted. "The planet is literally alive. Eywa is the parent of Kiri that's why she's so connected to the planet, it's genetic."

Was Kiri an immaculate conception?

Many of these theories factored Eywa into Kiri's birth. Whether she is the incarnation of the deity or just given life by it, Kiri is not your normal Na'vi child. Her connection to Pandora is quite clear as she can assimilate to the underwater life with suspicious ease. But perhaps the most fascinating theory that fans have come up with is also the most logical.

"Kiri is an Avatar of Eywa and Grace," posted u/callipygiancultist. "There's a female trinity going on with the mother [Grace], the daughter [Kiri] and the Holy Ghost [Eywa]." Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) was one of the original pioneers of the Avatar Program. She developed this technology to make peace with the Na'vi and eventually accepted their ways as her own. 

However toward the end of "Avatar," Grace's life ends in tragedy. Unrepentant villain Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) is responsible for Grace's death after firing upon the aircraft she was on. Though Jake tries to return her to the Tree of Souls, she is too wounded to fully ingratiate into it. But while she passed on to Eywa, Kiri's existence may point out that melding with the tree was more successful than they thought. We know that Grace's Avatar gives birth to Kiri, but the subject of her father is still up for debate. Is Kiri the result of divine intervention from Eywa? Only James Cameron knows for sure.