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The Santa Clauses Is Set To Gift Fans With A Season 2

"The Santa Clause" has been a staple of the holiday season since it premiered in late 1994. Starring Tim Allen in one of his best-remembered star vehicle roles, "The Santa Clause" tells the story of Scott Calvin, an ordinary toy salesman who has grown cynical and detached over the years and now has a frayed relationship with his son Charlie (Eric Lloyd), who spends most of his time with his mother and Scott's ex-wife, Laura (Wendy Crewson). One Christmas Eve, Scott finds a man in a red suit standing on his roof and accidentally causes him to fall off and disappear. He and Charlie then learn that the man is Santa Claus and take up his gift-delivering duties for the remainder of the night — which triggers a legal contract known as the "Santa Clause," whereby Scott must now prepare to become the new Santa by next year's Thanksgiving.

The film, which won over generations with its savvy Disney balance of Christmas cheer and familial pathos, was given two sequels in 2002 and 2006. But its most successful continuation so far has arguably been the Disney+ series "The Santa Clauses," which takes place in the same continuity as the films and follows Scott's efforts to prepare for retirement and find a suitable replacement for the position of Santa. Created by Jack Burditt, "The Santa Clauses" has proven to be a winning holiday offering for kids and families — and Disney+ has now announced more of the show to come.

Disney+ has officially renewed The Santa Clauses for a new season

When "The Santa Clauses" was first announced in January 2022, it was touted as a limited series (via D23). This planning has been reflected in the narrative structure of the six-episode season that premiered on Disney+ on November 16, 2022. The season tells a self-contained story, with a seemingly fitting series finale having aired on December 14. But, as the theatrical "Santa Clause" sequels have taught us, there's always room for more stories in this universe. And that's just what we'll be getting, as "The Santa Clauses" has been renewed for a second season, per Variety, with Jack Burditt staying on as showrunner.

The first season of "The Santa Clause" follows 65-year-old Scott Calvin, who has now been Santa for 28 years, as he confronts the possibility that his time in the red coat may be drawing to a natural close. This leads Scott to discover the "Secessus Clause," which determines that he can retire from his duties as Santa provided that he finds a suitable successor — and one seems to providentially appear in tech mogul and struggling single father, Simon Choski (Kal Penn). There's no telling yet which characters and plot threads will come back for Season 2, but given how the first season wrapped, it's safe to bet that Scott's wife Carol (Elizabeth Mitchell) and their teenage kids Buddy (Austin Kane) and Sandra (Elizabeth Allen-Dick) are likely to play an even bigger part in future installments.