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The Stranger Things Villains That Millie Bobby Brown Didn't Want To Leave

The Netflix series "Stranger Things" focuses on a group of tweens and teens as they prevent evil entities from destroying their hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. Throughout the show's four seasons, the friends defeat monstrous creatures, including Demodogs, Demogorgons, and the Mind Flayer, that reside in the terrifying dimension known as the Upside Down. During Season 4, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) faces off with Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), the most dangerous being in the alternate universe. The humanoid terrorizes and tortures his already traumatized victims before they meet their untimely demise. While Hawkins is riddled with supernatural entities, humans with malicious intentions also pose a serious threat. For instance, Jason Carver (Mason Dye) acts violently after incorrectly determining that Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) murdered his girlfriend, Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien). Jason's basketball teammate, Andy (Clayton Royal Johnson), is willing to harm Eddie's Dungeons & Dragons party members physically.

According to People, Millie Bobby Brown shared there were certain "Stranger Things" villains she wished had not been defeated during an October 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Millie Bobby Brown revealed she wished two of her co-stars did not leave the show

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Millie Bobby Brown revealed she was upset when the antagonist Billy Hargrove, played by Dacre Montgomery, died during Season 3, Episode 8 ("Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt"). She explained she formed a close bond with Montgomery while he played the sadistic high school student.

"It sucks sometimes. I loved Billy. I loved Dacre Montgomery, who was killed off in Season 3. I had a really good relationship with him, so for me, it was really hard to let go of that," said Brown. She made similar comments about the demise of Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) in Season 4. "And the same thing with Papa [Matthew Modine] in this season. I had a really good relationship with Papa. I had a really good relationship with Matthew, and to let him go was really hard," explained the actress.

In a 2020 interview with the BUILD Series, Montgomery spoke about his friendship with Brown. The Australian native explained he appreciated the English actress's sense of humor. "She's English, so similar humor. Her parents get along really well with my partner and my friends who were there with me. You know, our humor is very blunt. We don't leave much to the imagination," he shared. Montgomery clarified that he was also close to his other "Stranger Things" co-stars.