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Ari Aster's New Film Has A Poster And An Updated Title

As to be expected, Ari Aster's upcoming film is already causing confusion and trepidation — and we can expect nothing less from the director who brought us "Hereditary" and "Midsommar." Both films analyze authentic traumas under the scope of even more traumatic circumstances; demon possession becomes an allegory for grief in "Hereditary," while "Midsommar" uses a Swedish cult to point out the dangers of toxic relationships. Viewers have been waiting with bated breath for 2023's most anticipated horror releases, and it looks like Aster's new film should be added to the list.

So far, details about his third film are being kept heavily under wraps. IMDb has the film listed with the title "Disappointment Boulevard" with a wide array of impressive cast members. In an interview with Associated Students Program Board, Aster revealed only small details about the film, saying it's a "nightmare comedy." Aster revealed: "All I know is that it's gonna be four hours long, over 17 [years of age]." Cryptic to be sure, but now excited viewers are getting some more updates. Now, in a poster reveal, fans jsut learned that "Disappointment Boulevard" will not be the movie's title after all.

It's not called Joaquin Phoenix either

Ari Aster's new film may not be horror in the strictest sense, but the auteur has assured IndieWire in the past that we can expect disconcerting emotions like the ones featured in his previous fare.

"Next one will either be a zonky nightmare comedy or a big, sickly domestic melodrama," he added. "It might take me a few movies before I wind back around to [horror], but I love horror and I'm sure I'll be back." A24 was behind both of Aster's previous hits and revealed on their Twitter that the title is now officially "Beau is Afraid." However looking at the poster itself, that title doesn't immediately present itself. Fans on social media were quick to point out that the title appears to refer to the famous actor starring in the film.

"A24's newest film, 'Joaquin Phoenix,'" joked @sksdeux. @MarcoGhouti added: "[I] will take JOAQUIN PHOENIX as the title, thanks." True to Aster's brand, this poster seems made to stir up controversy. By using the film title only as a hashtag, there is no question about why the internet piled on about this choice. The image on the poster is a subject of confusion as well; is Phoenix playing the 17-year-old in question? Will there be an excessive amount of CGI to make this happen? We just don't know! But that is the best way to go into any Aster film. No one would be able to predict it anyway — nor should they try.