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Live-Action My Hero Academia Movie Has Found A Streaming Home

To be a superhero is something that many people fantasize about. Who wouldn't want to be able to take to the skies, utilize fantastic cosmic powers, and flex incredible strength in ways that protect the innocent and give the world a sense of justice? Although most of the time superheroes are a cut above the rest, the world of "My Hero Academia" flips this script on its head by making most people capable of some kind of power.

Called "quirks," over 80% of the world has some kind of unique or special ability in this universe. This makes being a superhero (or supervillain) a fairly lucrative enterprise, though the remaining 20% of the population has got to feel a little left out. Based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, "My Hero Academia" predominately follows Deku, a young and idealistic youth that yearns to be the world's greatest superhero, though he is originally assumed to be born without a quirk — quite the predicament for somebody who wants to protect and serve. With an entire collection of manga spin-offs, movies, and an animated show that is currently in Season 6, there will also soon be a live-action iteration on the horizon. And now we know which streamer will host the project when it releases.

Netflix has bought the rights to the live-action My Hero Academia

Originally announced in 2018, Variety reported that a live-action English adaptation of "My Hero Academia" would soon be in the works with the company Legendary producing. This wouldn't be the first live-action adaptation Legendary has undertaken either, with one of their recent endeavors being the well-received "Detective Pikachu" in 2019. Luckily, it looks like some recent news involving the upcoming "My Hero Academia" movie has now come to light, and that is where fans will soon get a chance to check out what characters like Deku and All Might will look like when played by real actors.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has secured the rights to the live-action "My Hero Academia," which is not the first time the streaming company has scooped up a live version of a beloved anime. Previously, Netflix released an adaptation of "Death Note," so it looks like "My Hero Academia" will have some familiar company on the Netflix roster. In addition, Joby Harold, who has previous credits for "Obi-Wan Kenobi" and "Army of the Dead," is reportedly writing the screenplay. Although there isn't much else known about the project yet, it is only a matter of time before the streaming sphere becomes very familiar with the quirk-filled world of "My Hero Academia."