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Young Sheldon Fans Think Sheldon Should Have Read The Contract In Season 6 Episode 8

In the prequel series "Young Sheldon" we see how the lead intellectual scientist (Iain Armitage) grew into the eccentric physicist (Jim Parsons) in "The Big Bang Theory." The latest episode, titled "Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha," explores Sheldon's stubborn nature and independent mindset as he envisions a cataloging database system that could revolutionize the accessibility of scientific information. This humble cause quickly becomes littered with dollar signs as the university dean, professors, and even Sheldon's parents vie for a piece of the possible pie.

This leads to Sheldon learning an invaluable lesson about greed and even more about his dedication to science. He realizes that he can find the financial resources he needs on his own, as he already had the idea and knowledge to produce the project. He chooses science over money which is a defining characteristic for Sheldon that we see again in "The Big Bang Theory."

Though he has a necessary life experience, he still lacks a bit of foresight that fans have pointed out online through Twitter. They note the detail-oriented academic should've read the contract thoroughly rather than blindly trusting the college administrators. They also discuss his oversight on Reddit, which Sheldon surely learned from in this standout episode. 

Some fans think Sheldon should've handled the contract differently

When the possibility of a profitable outcome enters the scenario, the Coopers hire a cheap, Saul Goodman-like lawyer (from the dark drama "Breaking Bad"). He jokes that he specializes in "slip 'n falls," much like Slippin' Jimmy in the prequel series "Better Call Saul." This fun detail stems from the binding contract which Sheldon's university dean has written up for him. 

Throughout the episode, Sheldon never reads the document which seems slightly out of character. This leads to the stimulating discussion on Reddit with fans like u/diablo1128, who writes, "I find it really annoying that nobody ever explains things to Sheldon. He obviously does not understand the "street smarts" aspects of what is going on and how it would be valuable to protect his interests such that he can do more science things easier in the future." They then explain how some characters mediate to help Sheldon navigate social situations, like Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn) in earlier episodes or Leonard (Johnny Galecki) in the original series. Another user, u/cybersteel8, supports this, saying it feels like a missed opportunity.

Other fans are confused as to why Sheldon didn't read the paper himself, like @RyanBartholomee, who tweets the question, "Let Sheldon read the contract?" with the shrug emoji to reflect his confusion at the obvious solution. On Reddit, u/MattMason1703 also found it odd, expressing, "Wouldn't Sheldon simply read the contract himself? He loves complicated legal documents. Seemed like a plot hole."