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Neil Young Roams The Lonesome West In Netflix's Paradox Trailer

Neil Young is hitting the peace trail, and you're invited to tag along.

Daryl Hannah, the actress known for her roles in Kill Bill, Blade Runner, and Wall Street, is set to release Paradox, her directorial debut, with the help of Netflix later this month. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming feature now.

Starring as the Man in the Black Hat, Young leads a mangy group of outlaws on search for buried treasure in the mountains of America, in what the trailer proudly describes as "an unrealistic tale of music and love". It's an uncommon onscreen performance for the prolific musician, who last played a fictional character in the feature film Greendale, which he wrote and directed under the pseudonym Bernard Shakey.

According to Hannah (c/o Entertainment Weekly), the production of Paradox was low-budget and threadbare. The movie was shot with a Sony 150 camera, a Super 8 camera, and Hannah's own personal cell phone, with principal photography taking place over a few days with no crew. Cast members carried their own props, played multiple roles, and otherwise made every sacrifice possible to produce the movie with no budget and no time.

"I love unconventional, surprising forms of expression and I thrive on creative freedom," she said. "That's why I often end up doing things in an unorthodox fashion, as simply and streamlined as possible."

In addition to directing Paradox, Hannah also wrote the script, making this her first project as a writer-director since her short film The Last Supper in 1993. Last December, she also directed a live concert webcast put on by Young, her boyfriend, in his hometown of Omemee, Ontario.

The cast for Paradox includes Willie Nelson, Corey McCormick, Anthony LoGerfo, Tato Melgar, Charris Ford, Dulcie Clarkson Ford, and Young's Promise of the Real band members Micah and Lukas Nelson.

Paradox will have its world premiere at SXSW on March 15, and launch worldwide on Netflix on March 23. The film will also see a limited release in theaters.