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Jennifer Lawrence Clarifies Her Statement On Women In Action Movies

Throughout her Hollywood tenure so far, Jennifer Lawrence has assembled an impressive and diverse filmography. From "Silver Linings Playbook" to "Mother!" to "X-Men: First Class," she has proven herself a multi-faceted performer capable of taking on a range of roles. Be that as it may, in the eyes of many, she'll always be Katniss Everdeen: the tough revolutionary protagonist of the "Hunger Games" series. After all, it's arguably the part that put her on the map and allowed her to seek out various intriguing acting opportunities elsewhere in the film world.

Even years after her time as Katniss came to an end, Lawrence continues to be asked about the role, and in turn, she talks about it. However, her insights during a recent interview with Variety, alongside silver screen icon Viola Davis, raised some eyebrows in the worst way. "When I was doing 'Hunger Games,' nobody had ever put a woman in the lead of an action movie because it wouldn't work — because we were told girls and boys can both identify with a male lead, but boys cannot identify with a female lead," she said, sending much of the internet into an uproar.

The big takeaway many had from this quote is that Jennifer Lawrence believes she's the first-ever female action hero in cinema history. Of course, this is far from true, and she has acknowledged as much since uttering those now-viral words.

Lawrence admits that she misspoke

Not long after her remarks set the internet on fire, Jennifer Lawrence clarified what she said in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. "That's certainly not what I meant to say at all. I know that I am not the only woman who has ever led an action film," she explained, adding, "What I meant to emphasize was how good it feels." Lawrence notes that getting to share the spotlight with Viola Davis didn't help her either since spending time with the entertainment legend did a number on her nerves. She admits, "It was my blunder, and it came out wrong. I had nerves talking to a living legend."

Continuing, Lawrence mentioned that this is hardly the first time folks took her words in the wrong direction. "One time, I was quoted saying that Donald Trump was responsible for hurricanes," she recalled, pointing out the clear absurdity of such a claim. Bearing that in mind, she never went out of her way to refute this idea in a formal, public manner. On the other hand, with the gravity of her recent misconstrued comments and the strong online reaction toward them, she took a much different, more responsible course of action. "This one, I was like, 'I think I want to clarify,'" Lawrence said.

While there's no telling how the internet will handle Jennifer Lawrence's attempt at damage control, if nothing else, at least she made the effort to explain her controversial initial statement.