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A Ghost Story Is Composed In Trailer For Netflix Horror Series Requiem

The death of a parent is only the start of a woman's worries in the trailer for Netflix's upcoming horror series Requiem.

The series follows Matilda Gray, a rising professional cellist in London who is shaken after the unexpected suicide of her mother. Following up on mysterious clues seemingly left by her late mom for her to find, Matilda begins to investigate the ties between her mother's past and a four-year-old girl who went missing from a children's park in Wales 23 years before. What she uncovers threatens not only to unravel her own identity, but also unleash dark forces that have spent many years lying in wait.

A British production, Requiem was originally broadcast on BBC One beginning on February 2. The show is set to wrap up its six-episode run on March 16, with a DVD release to follow on March 19. Ahead of its US release, the series currently sits at a 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics' reviews noting its surreal nature, high scare factor, and measured pacing, 

The series stars Lydia Wilson, an English actress who previously appeared in Star Trek BeyondRipper Street, and Black Mirror. The series also stars James Frecheville, Sian Reese-Williams, Brendan Coyle, Joel Fry, Tara Fitzgerald, and Richard Harrington.

Requiem was created by Kris Mrksa and directed by Mahalia Belo. The series will be released on Netflix on March 23.