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TV Characters Who Need To Visit The White Lotus

A ten-time Emmy winner with two Certified Fresh seasons on Rotten Tomatoes, "The White Lotus" is a hit HBO anthology series with tons to offer. Aside from the crafty storylines, layered characters, social commentary, and beautiful settings, the series also features a star-studded cast. The likes of Jennifer Coolidge, Sydney Sweeney, Jake Lacy, Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, and Alexandra Daddario have all helped make the show a success. It's the kind of show that gets people talking and asking questions like: Wouldn't it be great to see characters from other shows stay at a White Lotus resort?

Imagine, for example, the family from "Schitt's Creek" or the gang from "Atlanta" at a White Lotus hotel, dealing with White Lotus problems. It would be must-see TV, but such crossovers are obviously highly unlikely to happen in reality. That's why we've handpicked a bunch of beloved TV characters and imagined what their visits to a White Lotus hotel might look like. We think that these groups would all kill (ominous pun intended) at the Lotus.

The Succession family

When the Roy family from "Succession" aren't at each other's throats, creating alliances and organizing coups, they're enjoying the benefits that accompany their status as elites in society. With more money in the bank than they can possibly spend in a lifetime, it's easy to imagine them blowing some of it on an all-inclusive vacation at a White Lotus resort. How would that play out? Well, while every White Lotus location has a 5-star rating, Logan Roy would undoubtedly still have a problem with the service. We can see him sending food back, berating the staff, and even yelling at people who don't even work there. We wouldn't put it past him to buy the hotel, just so he could fire everyone there.

Logan's second-oldest son Kendall probably wouldn't even leave his room. He would no doubt be too busy on his phone, stressing out about whatever failed business venture is going south this time. Tom and Greg, on the other hand, would be sure to have a grand getaway. They'd be downing martinis and taking full advantage of the spa. And, with everyone distracted by their own vacation plans, Gerri and Roman would finally have some alone time to act on the building tension between them.

Siobhan would be the wildcard — there's really no telling what she might get up to — and Connor would have likely refused to go in the first place. We think he would turn down the trip in a form of protest against high-end holiday resorts.

The Atlanta characters

They started from the bottom, but now they're here! While "Atlanta" began with the main cast somewhat down on their luck and struggling to make ends meet, aspiring rapper Paper Boi wound up hitting the big time, taking his tight-knit crew with him. In more recent seasons, they've been able to achieve a more affluent status, traveling all over the globe. Next stop: The White Lotus.

What makes this crossover perfect is that the storylines and themes of both shows are actually very compatible. Throughout "Atlanta," we've seen our favorite characters confront uncomfortable environments, having to operate in the stuffy, condescending world of (predominantly white) rich elites. Given that racial commentary was a focal point for Season 1 of "The White Lotus," it's the perfect setting for the Atlanta crew to disrupt and critique.

Their stay at a White Lotus resort would no doubt be full of strange social nuances, close calls, and microaggressions, though the plot would remain unpredictable. It wouldn't be "Atlanta" if you knew where it was heading, after all. One thing we can see is Darius getting lost after venturing off the grounds of the hotel, leading to Al scouting all the local music venues for him.

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia characters

A White Lotus hotel makes Paddy's Pub from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" look like Hell on Earth, which is why it would be so funny to see the main cast of the hit comedy visit a White Lotus location for a group vacation. Charlie would no doubt be the funniest character to see in a White Lotus setting. It wouldn't be the epic views or the fascinating local culture making him happy, though — it would be the pristine state of the hotel. With working toilets and no bodily fluids on the walls, he would be having the time of his life.

Mac would be very interested in learning about the local culture, especially if the resort is in a far-off, tropical location. Frank, meanwhile, would surely want to take advantage of the spa facilities, given his love of steam rooms. However, after the experience he had with Charlie (who refused to take his clothes off and ended up having a sweaty panic attack), he would surely go alone. We imagine that Dee would end up using her time at the swanky hotel to network, trying to rub shoulders with anyone even remotely connected to the film industry.

The writers would have a ball working these guys into an episode of "The White Lotus," but the HBO show isn't all fun and games. Yes, it's darkly funny at times, but there's always something ominous going on in the background. There's a killer waiting to strike — and, in this fantasy crossover, it's definitely going to be Dennis, the resident psychopath on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." The character's dark side was hinted at for years, and his visit to a White Lotus might just be his breaking point.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody characters

Given that their home base is also a hotel, the characters from "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" would probably fit right in at The White Lotus, though they may be more chaotic than the resort's typical guests. Zach and Cody would surely wreak havoc, destroying everything they touch and interrupting the vacations of paying customers. The staff would have to be on their toes at all times with these two in the hotel.

Speaking of staff, Mr. Moseby would perhaps be the most entertaining "Zack & Cody" character to see in this setting. The hotel manager may be a man of class, but he's obsessed with his work, so it's possible he could have a difficult time adjusting to being the one waited on for once. He might even give up on the whole idea of vacationing and end up applying to be the hotel's new manager. Given what happened to the manager in the first season of "The White Lotus," let's hope he doesn't get the job.

London would also be a fun character to see at the Lotus. Her dad being a hotel mogul himself, she would have no problem getting a reservation, and certainly wouldn't think twice about running up the tab. She would be in her element, but probably no less difficult than usual. In fact, she could even be there as an undercover agent for her father, gathering inside information on his competitors. It's the perfect excuse to use that super cute spy outfit she's always dying to wear.

The Schitt's Creek family

They may have fallen far, but the Schitts are no strangers to luxury. After several years of degrading torture at The Rosebud Motel, formerly known as the Schitt's Creek Motel, they're certain to take up an offer to return to their once lavish ways. As their stiff, stained sheets are replaced with comfy duvets and the void of their nonexistent room service is miraculously filled with fine dining, they would no doubt settle back into the life they once knew. It would be fun to watch the Schitts acting the way they always have, but as we've never seen them before.

Johnny would undoubtedly spend his time speaking with the hotel's upper management and executives, hoping to secure some kind of partnership between the Rosebud and the Lotus. Moira probably wouldn't be far behind him: We can see her harassing the management until they agree to take her on as temporary live entertainment. She can't pass up an opportunity to take the stage, after all. Seeing the other guests at the resort reacting to her performance would no doubt be priceless.

As Moira lets her talents shine, David would probably be busy being an absolute nightmare for the hotel staff, requesting a ridiculous amount of pillows and being a general nuisance. And what about Alexis? Strangely, no one can seem to find Alexis. There's a 50/50 chance she's been kidnapped again, but it's okay — she always turns up at some point.

The Good Place characters

"The Good Place" and "The White Lotus" are way more similar than they appear on the surface. As those who have seen "The Good Place" know, the Good Place is (spoiler alert) actually the Bad Place. The people who end up there think they've arrived in a utopian version of Heaven, but it's actually a cleverly disguised version of Hell and they're all being fooled. Those who go to a White Lotus expect nothing but the best, yet these high-class resorts are never what they seem.

How would the characters from "The Good Place" react to life at The White Lotus? Well, Eleanor would probably spend most of her time at the restaurant, perhaps breaking the record for most shrimp cocktails consumed in one sitting. Jason and Janet would no doubt be on the beach, and Michael (the Bad Place "architect" who runs the fake Good Place) would also be having a blast — vacationing is a typical human experience, and he's been dying to try it for centuries.

Chidi and Tahani probably wouldn't enjoy their hotel stay quite as much. Tahani would be busy critiquing every aspect of the hotel, casually name-dropping all the other resorts she's stayed at, which were obviously much better. Chidi would be up in his room, debating the morality of luxury hotel resorts. Why should he get to enjoy paradise while others are suffering? It's a question he would likely spend the majority of his stay agonizing over.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt characters

We've only ever seen the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" crew on their home turf in New York, so it would be nice to see them get a change of scenery for once. Leaving the Big Apple would definitely mix things up a bit, and getting this rag-tag group of pals to The White Lotus would be fantastically entertaining.

It would no doubt be Jacqueline who gets them a spot at the hotel. She could easily pull some strings by reaching out to some of her upper-crust connections. Jacqueline is no stranger to the scene, so this is nothing new for her. Once there, she would be in her element shopping at all the local boutiques and getting the most expensive spa packages. Titus may not have the same elite background as Jacqueline, but he shares her taste for the finer things in life, so he would of course settle right in.

Small-town Florida girl Kimmy would no doubt be taken aback by the grandeur of it all. She wouldn't spend her time doing fine dining or wine-tasting, though. We can see her taking advantage of the pool's water slide the entire time, making friends with all the other youthful guests. Lillian, on the other hand, would probably be making enemies. She can't stand the rich and would more than likely spend her time terrorizing the elite guests at the resort, scaring them with her wild hair and crazed eyes.

The New Girl characters

The "New Girl" crew rarely leaves their Los Angeles loft, but when they do, it's always one for the books. A trip to The White Lotus would be no different, and there's no telling what those characters would get up to in such a lavish setting. We think Cece would be the most at-home here, given that she worked as a professional model and is comfortable with glitz and glamor. The down-to-Earth Jess is her opposite in that regard. She would probably spend most of her time away from the resort itself, supporting local businesses and getting to know the people who live in the area.

Schmidt definitely wouldn't be venturing out to try local shops and bars: He's going to be enjoying the finest things that The White Lotus has to offer, including cucumber scrubs and mani-pedis. Nick would likely be absolutely disgusted by the idea of going to The White Lotus. Why would you pay to stay at some fancy hotel full of snobs when you have a perfectly good apartment at home? He hates missing out, however, so chances are he's going to come and just grumble about it the whole time.

As fans of "The White Lotus" know, you have to end every trip with at least one dead body. Winston will start his trip trying to hide the fact that he snuck Ferguson into his room despite the strict no-pets policy, but he'll soon have to bust out his badge and do some real detective work. If anyone can crack the case, it's Winnie the Bish.

The Abbot Elementary teachers

One of the first things you notice about Abbott Elementary is that it's a little run-down. It's a poorly funded public school that doesn't receive the resources it needs or deserves. As a result, the teachers and staff there have to put in a lot of extra effort to provide students with quality education. They're tired and overworked, which means that they definitely deserve a trip to The White Lotus. This would be a much-needed opportunity for them to finally let their hair down, even if it was some kind of work retreat. Being able to experience the hotel would make going to a few work seminars (and some extra group bonding exercises organized by Jeanine) totally worth it.

The real challenge would be enjoying the free time because Jacob is likely to be constantly guilt-tripping everyone about the ethics of luxury resorts, which have been known to exploit local workers and give little back to the community. Usually Jacob's colleagues simply tune him out, but because his concerns are genuine (and because they're all good people), they would no doubt start feeling bad about being there. However, none of this would stop inept school principal Ava from having a good time. No matter what, she's going to shop until she drops and Instagram Live the whole thing.

The Arrested Development family

While it's unclear exactly how much money the Bluth family from "Arrested Development" has — because it's always changing hands and we can't be sure that the amount they say they have is how much they actually have — it's not hard to imagine that they could afford to spend a little time at The White Lotus. And if they couldn't afford it, they would find a way to scheme their way in and skip out on the bill. But what would they do with their time there?

Lucille would spend the entire time drinking in her room, having Buster fetch her refills and screeching at him when he inevitably drops something. George Sr. would no doubt be found chatting it up with his deep-pocketed peers at the bar, taking advantage of their merry states to cheat them out of money in some way. We can see Maeby going undercover as a member of the hotel's staff and using her skills as a con-artist to make a few bucks herself.

Tobias would probably be found on the beach, needing no excuse to break out his classic jean shorts. However, we might not see much of Michael and George Michael, who'd be busy storming in and out of the hotel trying to get the final word in an argument.

The 30 Rock characters

With 30 Rockefeller Plaza being a perpetual hotbed of messy situations and sheer ridiculousness, it's understandable that the gang might need some time away. There's no guarantee that their crazy antics won't accompany them on the trip to The White Lotus, however. In fact, a crossover between "30 Rock" and "The White Lotus" has the potential to be hilarious.

It would start with Jack using his connections to get them a spot at a White Lotus resort, something he would be sure to remind them of more than once. As Jack never rests, he would probably spend most of his time on the phone making sure 30 Rockefeller wasn't falling to pieces in his absence. Liz would definitely try to relax, but, like Jack, she just can't get away from work without stressing about it. She'd also have Tracy bugging her the entire trip, complaining about how boring it is and how there's nothing to do.

It goes without saying that Liz's eccentric best friend Jenna would be the killer for this season. She should be able to get away with it, too, especially if Kenneth Parcell and Kelsey Grammer are in on it. The so-called Best Friends Gang knows a thing or two about pulling a con.

The Breaking Bad characters

Most people who come to The White Lotus have money, but not all of them made it honestly. There are usually shady things going down at the Lotus, and if the "Breaking Bad" crew were to join the fun, things would get a whole lot shadier.

Walt and Jesse would probably be staying at the hotel on a "business" trip to meet new partners for their illegal product. Or, maybe the mismatched methamphetamine dealers are just staying there to hide out from whatever scary cartel dealer they've made an enemy out of this time. As they seem to be allergic to actual fun, they probably wouldn't leave their rooms too often, but one can imagine them sitting by the pool squabbling about something stupid.

One "Breaking Bad" character that we would absolutely love to see at a White Lotus hotel is Gustavo Fring. As fans of "Breaking Bad" and the prequel series "Better Call Saul" know, Fring runs a tight ship, and from what we've seen in the first two seasons of "The White Lotus," the hotel could use a qualified manager for once. The White Lotus could be a great way to launder money for Gus, and you can bet there would be no murders on his watch. Well, at least none that he didn't authorize himself.