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How Much Time Do The American Pickers Spend On The Road Filming?

One of the most endearing aspects of History's long-running reality series "American Pickers" is the way in which the show embodies the feeling of a cross-country road trip – taking viewers on a journey to experience some of the most interesting places and people in all of America.

For a staggering 23 seasons, fans have watched Mike Wolfe and company journey across the United States in search of eccentric collectors and valuable antiques, hoping as always to strike gold while scouring through somebody else' s garbage. Although the majority of each episode is dedicated to the actual haggling and "picking" that takes place once the Pickers find a collection worth looking into, each episode also includes plenty of footage from within the car itself as the cast makes their way across the country – often focusing on some roadside banter between Mike Wolfe and former co-host Frank Fritz.

In any case, there's no question that life on the open road is one of the cornerstones of the "American Pickers" experience — but have you ever wondered exactly how much time the cast of "American Pickers" actually spend filming while out on the road?

The American Pickers can spend up to three weeks each month filming on the road

The answer, unsurprisingly, is quite a lot – as according to Mike Wolfe himself, the cast of "American Pickers" is only off of the road for about one week each month. In a 2011 interview with Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine, Wolfe was asked how many weeks he was on the road while filming "American Pickers," to which Wolfe bluntly replied: "Two to three weeks per month. Next month, I will be home three to four days."

The fact that the Pickers can spend the majority of each month living out on the open road is a testament to their passion for this series as a whole, and their commitment to this unique form of road trip-style antiquing. Though at first it might seem like overkill to spend so much time on the road each month, it makes sense when you consider the sheer amount of ground that the Pickers cover through each season. Indeed, we've seen the Pickers travel from New York to California in their hunt for forgotten antiques and deep-pocketed collectors, visiting nearly every single state in between at one point or another.

Although the cast of "American Pickers" certainly spend a ludicrous amount of time on the road, it's clear that their commitment to this grueling travel schedule has certainly paid off – turning the series itself into something well beyond your average antiques show.