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Deadliest Catch's Sig Hansen Considers Showering To Be Bad Luck, According To Edgar Hansen

Longtime fans of Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" will know that fan-favorite Captain Sig Hansen still adheres to a few old sailors' superstitions while crab-fishing across the Bering Sea. One particularly odd superstition that Hansen can't seem to let go of is the belief that having any suitcases aboard the ship will bring bad luck.

Indeed, this particular superstition has led Sig Hansen to ban all suitcases aboard his F/V Northwestern, including those from the camera crew that inhabits the ship — making it an absolute nightmare to store camera equipment aboard Hansen's ship. Although it's clear that this particular superstition has had a remarkable impact on the way that Hansen captains his ship, for the most part it appears as though his adherence to the old rules of the sea doesn't actually affect the day-to-day life of his crew.

That said, Sig's brother Edgar Hansen claims that there's one other peculiar superstition that Sig Hansen follows – one which undoubtedly impacts every single person he interacts with aboard the ship.

Edgar Hansen claims that his brother doesn't shower out of superstition

During a video tour of the F/V Northwestern provided to iWitness on kirotv.com, Edgar Hansen takes a camera crew into Sig Hansen's captain's cabin – including his private bathroom and shower. In a brief, offhand comment to the camera, Edgar Hansen insists that his brother never actually uses this personal shower, as he believes showering will bring bad luck to the ship.

"He's got his own toilet and his own shower, which never gets used," Edgar Hansen explained. "'Cause it's supposedly bad luck for him to shower, so..." Because the cast and crew of "Deadliest Catch" are often working around the clock to battle the extreme conditions of the Bering Sea, one would assume that showering (and personal hygiene in general) is not likely to be a top priority for the majority of the crew. That said, to simply avoid showering due to superstition alone is another thing entirely – and seems like an unnecessary precaution for Captain Sig Hansen to take.

Although it's entirely possible that this offhand comment is merely a lighthearted joke from Edgar Hansen which pokes fun at his brothers' odd superstitions, the implication that Sig Hansen never showers is certainly one of the oddest superstitions in all of "Deadliest Catch."