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My One-Hit Kill Sister - What We Know So Far

"My One-Hit Kill Sister" is an upcoming anime based on a manga of roughly the same name ... but the literal translation ("One Turn Kill Sister in Another World: I Started Living in Another World with My Older Sister") is a bit of a mouthful. The news is shared by Crunchyroll, which will stream the series upon its release. 

Interestingly, the manga started out as a web novel on the user-generated site Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was only later adapted into a web manga on Shogakukan's Sunday Webry. That's right, folks. Even now, there has yet to be a single physical copy of any version of the "My One-Hit Kill Sister" story, making the anime an eagerly anticipated addition to the franchise.

The Crunchyroll announcement is fairly sparse on details, so we'll have to use context clues where the information is hazy. Here's everything we know about "My One-Hit Kill Sister" so far.

When will My One-Hit Kill Sister be released?

According to Crunchyroll's announcement, "My One-Hit Kill Sister" will release in 2023. And, uh, that's it. Readers will note that, as far as specificity goes, that's a fairly broad window. Unfortunately, we can't really narrow that down. It's likely that, given how little information is currently available, that the anime won't drop in the early months of 2023, but that's entirely speculative. It could just as easily air in January as it could in July or December. 

Perhaps more helpfully, we know that it will be available on Crunchyroll's streaming service, which offers both a free and a premium experience. The premium version requires a monthly payment but allows users, when possible, to simulcast anime as it's released in Japan. The free version typically releases the anime one week later with commercial breaks interspersed throughout the episode. Essentially, it's like watching a YouTube video. 

What is the plot of My One-Hit Kill Sister?

No official plot details have been released for the anime adaptation of "My One-Hit Kill Sister," so everything we'll share here will be speculation. Given that it's an adaptation, though, it's most likely that it will follow the same story as the manga. In broad strokes, the manga follows Asahi Ikusaba and his older sister, Mayu Ikusaba. Through an accident, Asahi stumbles into a new world (read: he finds himself in a near death experience which somehow transports his soul to another plane), and his sister goes in afterwards to save him. 

In the new world, they receive fantastical powers and, if it isn't obvious from any version of the title, Mayu ends out with the strongest abilities around. To add to this dynamic, Asahi is irreparably jealous of his sister's abilities, and Mayu is determinedly seeking his approval. Conflict and shenanigans ensue. 

Who is starring in My One-Hit Kill Sister?

"My One-Hit Kill Sister" has yet to announce a full Japanese voice cast. As the original Japanese version often airs before the English dub is even created, there is no English voice cast at this time. With that in mind, the confirmed cast members for the Japanese voice cast are as follows. Haruka Shiraishi is set to play Mayu Ikusaba. Shiraishi is known for her work in productions such as "From Up on Poppy Hill" and "Himouto! Umaru-chan" and "Demon Slayer: The Hinomaki Chronicles." Yuki Sakakihara is set to play Asahi Ikusaba. While newer to the industry, Sakakihara is known for his work in productions such as "Lycoris Recoil" and "The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt" and "Orient." 

The Japanese voice cast also includes the talents of Ami Koshimizu, Azumi Waki, Konomi Kohara, Rio Tsuchiya, Sora Tokui, and Yūma Uchida.

Who is directing My One-Hit Kill Sister?

"My One-Hit Kill Sister" seems to be a proving grounds for new artists. Case in point, it will be the directorial debut of Hiroaki Takagi. The scripts are to be written by Yohei Kashii, who's only written for "Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside." The animation studio in charge, Gekkō, is entirely new — this is their only official credit. In fairness, it seems that the original author and illustrator of the manga, Konoe and Kenji Taguchi, respectively, are equally untested, so they're probably all in good company.

But there are some in the crew that have previous experience. The character designs (which just means the animated variants of Taguchi's character designs) are by Yuki Hamada, an artist known for his design work with Nintendo on games such as "Breath of the Wild" and "Splatoon." 

Is there a trailer for My One-Hit Kill Sister?

There is a single teaser trailer available for "My One-Hit Kill Sister," which can be found on YouTube. Because it's a teaser trailer, there isn't much to see. That said, the trailer does this cool thing where it showcases a character's design in the original manga before it transitions to the anime version of the same character. The trailer does this for Mayua, Asahi, and Kilmaria (Koshimizu). We also get a taste of the magical abilities that will be present, as well as some of the creatures that will inhabit the world. 

Mayu displays some deadly acrobatics before summoning some blue energy to assault her enemies. Kilmaria conjures a might, purple blast of something that obliterates what looks to be a demon, and Asahi does his best to now scream when a troll-like creature takes a swing at him. Fans can hopefully look forward to more trailers in the future.

What will My One-Hit Kill Sister be rated?

"My One-Hit Kill Sister" is so recently announced that it doesn't even have an IMDb page yet, so it's far too early in the process for the anime to possess an official parental guidance rating. That said, for the cautious viewer, we can extrapolate from the information available to get a broad gist. First and foremost, there will be bountiful fantasy violence — the title alone confirms that, and the trailer backs it up. 

There is also partial nudity, or perhaps a better term would be suggestive clothing. Neither feels quite right, but it's an anime, and the trailer features some risqué shots that should give potential viewers a solid impression of what to expect. Other standard tags to expect would be mild language and possible use of drugs and alcohol (read: potions and elixirs, ales and mead). Fans will have to wait until closer to the show's release date for more information.