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Parks And Recreation's Nick Offerman Found It Difficult To Keep A Straight Face While Playing Ron

Nick Offerman's character on "Parks and Recreation," Ron Swanson, is known for usually having a straight face. While many of his coworkers are friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic, Ron prefers to spend time alone and avoid unnecessary social interaction. Additionally, whereas several of his other coworkers care about the parks department and believe in the power of local government, Ron thinks the government is useless and shouldn't exist. Thus, usually, when others in the office are celebrating or amused by something, Ron's face shows that he is annoyed instead. Even when Ron does experience positive emotions, he does his best not to make a big show of it. 

Because of Ron's cynical, grumpy attitude, fans might assume that Offerman just has a naturally angry-looking face. However, it turns out this is not the case at all. On the contrary, Nick Offerman found it difficult to keep a straight face while playing Ron. 

Nick Offerman said it was difficult not to laugh with such funny co-stars

In a Reddit "Ask Me Anything," Nick Offerman answered a variety of fan questions pertaining to his portrayal of Ron Swanson on "Parks and Recreation." u/alvinsingle asked what the hardest part of playing Ron Swanson was, to which u/NickOfferman replied, "Keeping a straight face in the onslaught of hilarity from all of our cast, except Jerry." Clearly, the cast can't resist roasting Jerry (Jim O'Heir) even when they're not in character.

Additionally, u/cutiepatootieadipose asked Offerman how hard it was to keep a straight face while playing Ron, because, "The delivery of some of your lines has me laughing so hard. I loved drunk Ron and your tiny hat!" Offerman replied under account handle u/NickOfferman, saying, "It is very hard to keep a straight face because my castmates are literally the funniest collection of people working today. Amy and Pratt and Aubrey and Aziz and Adam and Rob and Rashida and Retta. Every single cast member. Devastatingly funny."