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Lost In Space Trailer Reveals New Danger For The Robinson Family

Space was dangerous in the '60s, but it looks especially foreboding now.

Netflix released the first full trailer for the series reboot of Lost in Space, and it includes our first good look at the Robinson family, the mysterious Dr. Smith, and the show's reimagined Robot. 

Based on the classic sci-fi series that ran for three seasons beginning in 1965, the show centers on the Robinsons — one of hundreds of families chosen for a mission to colonize a planet beyond Earth in the year 2046. Led by expedition commander John Robinson (Toby Stephens from Black Sails) and aerospace engineer Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker from Deadwood), the Robinsons encounter a rip in spacetime and their ship crashes onto an unknown planet. Light years from their intended destination, the Robinsons and other marooned colonists struggle to survive in an alien environment.

"This is a true family adventure in the vein of the original Jurassic Park," showrunner Zack Estrin told Entertainment Weekly. "I don't think there's ever been another show like this on TV that has this size and scope, but also this emotion. There aren't a lot of family shows that everybody can watch for themselves."

One major difference from the original series is the complete redesign of the Robot that helps the Robinson family. The new Robot is now of mysterious extraterrestrial origin and has its own intriguing backstory. "The Robot was one of the hardest pieces of casting to do in the show because it's such an iconic thing and something you can really get wrong," Estrin said. "And it's a different experience watching the show versus the trailer. You fall in love with this character. It's less about how it looks than who it is."

Another big change is that Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) is a woman in the reboot. "The original Dr. Smith played by Jonathan Harris was so iconic, you couldn't just try to do that again, and if you were to ask a male actor to fill those shoes, there would always be a comparison," Estrin said. "We're so lucky to have Parker, she brings such dimensionality to the role. She has a perfect mix of delicious villainy that lends a special piece of fun to the show." 

The first season of Lost in Space consists of 10 episodes and all of them will be available to stream on Netflix on April 13. Check out the poster below.