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The Truss Haul That Lifted Ice Road Truckers Star Alex Deborgorski's Trailer Off The Ground

History's "Ice Road Truckers" is a series that explores one of the most terrifying jobs on the planet: following the truck drivers whose routes take them across the infamous winter roads and "ice roads" of upper North America. These ice roads are exactly what they sound like, a road that runs along a frozen body of water, which truckers can drive across at great risk to themselves and their cargo.

Indeed, these roads are so treacherous that it's actually impossible to slow down or stop while on the ice, as the weight of the truck can only be supported while the vehicle is in motion. As cast member Hugh Rowland explained during an interview with "Fox Car Report," it's extremely important to keep the weight of the truck and its cargo in mind whenever you're out on the ice — especially if you're not moving fast enough.

Indeed, on top of the already perilous conditions of the ice roads themselves, sometimes the most harrowing part of a truckers' journey is the cargo they're carrying — as was the case when "Ice Road Truckers" star Alex Debororski almost tipped his truck over due to a cargo of trusses.

Deborgorski's trailer almost flipped over when his cargo shifted

In a 2013 interview with TuffWerx, "Ice Road Truckers" cast member Alex Deborgorski described one particularly perilous load of trusses (a term which usually refers to a support or frame that helps reinforce bridges and other structures) which actually lifted the flatbed's trailer straight off of the ground.

"Once I had a load of trusses that were standing upright on the flatbed trailer. They had been loaded and tied down for me. I thought they looked secure," explained Deborgorski. "After I bounced them down the winter road for a couple hours, they shifted and fell over, creating a wide load and lifting the trailer wheels off the ground on one side."

Deborgorski went on to explain that a nearby loader assisted him in returning these trusses to their original positions, whereupon Deborgorski chained them down to prevent further mistakes. Although Debororski was fortunate enough to be on a winter road during this emergency (as being on the ice with an uneven load could have spelled disaster), it's clear that this particular incident was one of the most harrowing moments of his career.