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Keegan-Michael Key Reprises Key & Peele's Iconic Mr. Garvey In Hilarious New Paramount+ Ad

It's safe to say that Comedy Central's "Key & Peele" remains one of the most iconic and beloved sketch comedy series of the 2010s, one which lampoons anything and everything the titular duo can think of. The show itself is named for its two stars Keegan Michael-Key, and Jordan Peele, both of whom worked on the similarly eccentric sketch comedy series "MadTV" prior to their work on this series.

A few of the most iconic skits to come from this partnership include the "East/West College Bowl" skit, in which Key and Peele play a variety of college football players with outlandish names, and the "I said b****" skit, which saw the duo playing two married men who swap stories about asserting themselves in their marriage — though they are forced to do so in increasingly remote or isolated locations.

That said, there is perhaps no "Key & Peele" skit as memorable or popular as "Substitute Teacher," in which a substitute teacher from the inner city named Mr. Garvey (Key) finds himself woefully unable to pronounce the names of his middle-class white students; eventually becoming so frustrated that he snaps his clipboard over his knee. This skit alone currently holds an astounding 209 million views on YouTube and has cemented itself as the most iconic sketch in all of "Key & Peele" — which is perhaps why Paramount+ decided to bring back Mr. Garvey for their new commercial.

Mr. Garvey fights with a variety of iconic characters in the new commercial

The latest commercial for Paramount+ reunites "Key & Peele" fans with Mr. Garvey atop "Paramount Mountain" — where the volatile substitute teacher contends with various animated characters from the streaming service's wide catalog of shows.

Throughout this commercial, Mr. Garvey attempts to call the roll and argues with a variety of children's cartoon characters like Blue from "Blues Clues," Dora from "Dora the Explorer" and Krumm (David Eccles) from "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters." The commercial ends with a callback to the original skit, with Mr. Garvey calling out for "A.A. Ron." Although in the original skit, this name simply referred to a teenager named Aaron (Zack Pearlman), this time it's reigning Super Bowl Champion Aaron Donald who answers the call with a quick "Here, coach!"

On top of the fact that Mr. Garvey's return is certainly a nostalgia trip to those who fondly remember the "Substitute Teacher" skit from its premiere back in 2012, the commercial is also a clever way to advertise that "Key & Peele" is currently available to stream on Paramount+ itself. In any case, there's no doubt that bringing back Mr. Garvey is one of the most inventive and hilarious ways to promote Paramount+, and there's no question that seeing him will put a smile on the face of "Key & Peele" fans everywhere.