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Glass Onion Is Netflix's Most Successful Theatrical Release Yet

If there is one director who could conceivably revive the movie theater industry, Rian Johnson would be the obvious choice. Though fan reaction to his vision for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" was controversial at best (via Vox), we would be remiss in forgetting the mesmerizing and unique films that Johnson has gifted us previously. Brick" was his foray into feature films, setting a noir-inspired mystery in a California high school. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the first of many collaborations with the director, 2005's "Brick" was just a precursor to Johnson's fascinating filmmaking style. He would then go on to direct "Looper," a time travel film with a mythic backstory and fully developed lore.

With the critical success he has received in independent films, it comes as no shock that Johnson's newest film has already broken a Netflix record. The sequel to 2019's sleeper whodunnit hit "Knives Out," "Glass Onion" has not officially been released for streaming and already it is Netflix's most successful hybrid release. Slated to hit Netflix on December 23, its limited theatrical run has already drawn in massive audiences.

Netflix is keeping its numbers close to the vest

Last we saw Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), the southern investigator was solving the death of the patriarch of the eccentric Thormbey family. After the graphic death of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), Detective Blanc and dedicated nurse Marta (Ana de Armas) discover that spoiled grandson Ransom (Chris Evans) was the true culprit behind the crime. The entire ordeal reveals that despite how they look on the outside, the Thrombeys are not altruistic and only see Marta as a disposable employee. These themes, as well as the film's whip-smart dialogue, made "Knives Out" a smash hit. Now it looks as though the sequel is primed to be just as successful if early screenings of the film are any indication.

In a five-day release that was billed as a sneak preview, Deadline reported that "Glass Onion" is suspected to have garnered an average of $15 million in profit. According to the Deadline report, this makes "Glass Onion" the most successful Netflix theatrical release yet. However, this number does not come from the streaming juggernaut which will go on to air the film on Netflix next month. The Hollywood Reporter has stated that Netflix has not made public any numbers, but many rival studios have sent their estimates in. Though some films such as Pixar's "Strange World" have lowered their box office expectations, "Glass Onion" is rising above them. With the star power of Craig and Johnson's recent success with the first film, "Glass Onion" appears to be just the feature to get people excited about non-IP movies again.