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Strange World Could Be Worst-Ranked Disney Animated Release Ever

The Disney animated sci-fi adventure "Strange World" boasted beautiful animation, a star-studded cast, and impressive scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Still, despite all of that, the film appears to be one of the lowest-rated titles Walt Disney Animation has ever created.

Even from the beginning, "Strange World" seemed to be off to a stellar start before it was released in theaters. The reviews were solid early on, and the movie even broke a record beforehand, with Avalonia becoming the largest environment ever made for an animated Disney flick. There was also some excellent talent behind the scenes. The screenplay was written by Qui Nguyen, who also penned the story and script for the Oscar-nominated feature "Raya and the Last Dragon." Ngyuen also co-directed "Strange World" with Don Hall, who served as co-director on "Raya and the Last Dragon" and the Academy-Award-winning film "Big Hero 6."

Regarding the cast, there was no shortage of big-name players attached to the bold project, like Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Lucy Liu, Gabrielle Union, Alan Tudyk, and Jaboukie Young-White. And in terms of visuals, it's no secret Walt Disney Animation has been known to rarely disappoint in this department. But despite excelling in several areas, it may be difficult for some to fathom but the 61st animated motion picture produced by the renowned studio is not measuring up to those that came before it.

Strange World's CinemaScore is low, too low

CinemaScore polls audience reactions and, based on their findings, designated Strange World with a B grade (via Twitter). While many would think this is a solid rating, they'd be mistaken. When it comes to anything under the Walt Disney Animation banner, there's a pretty high bar. Every animated movie the studio has put out since 1991 has received a score of A- or better (via TheWrap.com). Titles like "Dinosaur," "Mulan," "Frozen," and "Aladdin" have all been grade-A experiences for moviegoers, and it seems that "Strange World" is not making the cinematic honor roll with viewers this year. Unfortunately, a dismal rating is only one of its many troubles.

According to Variety, the film could very well lose $100 million while in theaters. It isn't immune to bad press either, with The Washington Post hailing it a narrative failure that can't be saved by its well-crafted animation, stating, "the story is too basic and the characters too slight for Strange World to pack a punch. The visual beauty of the film isn't enough. After all, pretty is as pretty does — and in Strange World, pretty doesn't do much." That sentiment, along with a lackluster rating and poor box office returns, are usually big indicators a franchise may not have a future. Unfortunately, anyone with lingering questions from the story may never get them answered, and the final moments of the movie could very well be the last viewers see of "Strange World."