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Brandon Kyle Goodman Praises Big Mouth's Diversity In The Writers' Room

"Big Mouth" has been a consistent part of Netflix's original lineup for quite a while now. Season 6 premiered on October 28, and Netflix has already ordered a Season 7 (per Collider), which is pretty rare for a network that has been fairly cancel-heavy over the last few years. The series has also consistently elicited good reviews, with Season 5 continuing that trend, garnering a 100% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 79% audience score at the time of this writing.

A big part of the praise leveled toward "Big Mouth" is how it handles the adolescent struggles of its characters, which many viewers and critics have connected with. This is also helped by the fact that the voice actors bring a lot of depth to their characters. Brandon Kyle Goodman, who voices the love bug Walter Las Palmas on "Big Mouth" and has also written some episodes, revealed that a big positive of being involved with the animated show is its incredibly diverse writers' room.

Brandon Kyle Goodman says Big Mouth has become more diverse with age

During an interview with Screen Rant in 2022, Brandon Kyle Goodman discussed his experiences on "Big Mouth" and praised the series for its inclusivity, particularly in the writers' room. "We try to diversify the room to make sure that experiences are represented, and if we don't have it inside of our room, we find consultants," Goodman said. "We can't represent an entire experience, we can't represent an entire community ever, but we can meet with people individually and get singular takes."

Goodman, who identifies as a Black, queer, non-binary writer, also revealed that he believes that "Big Mouth" has actively tried over time to become even more diverse in order to better represent more types of people. Naturally, this has led to both a more diverse writing staff and assemblage of voice actors. The ultimate goal, he said, is "to help shape the stories of our characters so they feel grounded, and they feel honest and earnest."

To achieve that, it's definitely important to bring in the right kind of consultant when developing stories around a particular ethnicity or sexual orientation that the writing staff can't exactly capture accurately themselves. In this area, it seems as if "Big Mouth" has made something of a conscious effort to do that, especially as it's aged.