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Supernatural's Misha Collins Was Just As Surprised As The Rest Of Us When Cas Became Lucifer

Eric Kripke's "Supernatural" came along via The CW in 2005, bringing with it a highly entertaining concept. Starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as the sibling duo of Dean and Sam Winchester, the show chronicles their escapades investigating the terrifying entities that go bump in the night. While this line of work is incredibly dangerous and pits them against forces far beyond their power level, they do it all with a level of bravery most would struggle to conjure. Also, the fact that they have help from other-worldly forces on occasion certainly doesn't hurt.

Of all the allies Sam and Dean make across the long run of "Supernatural," Castiel (Misha Collins) is arguably their most frequent. An angel of the Lord, he repeatedly gets himself involved in the Winchesters' adventures, even if it means he may have to suffer serious consequences for doing so. In fact, during one of their quests, Cas even allows himself to be possessed by Lucifer in Season 11. It's a bold move that Cas truly believes would've helped them in their battle against the Darkness (Emily Swallow), though it presented its own set of issues for the heroes.

Seeing Castiel taken over by Lucifer was a shocking moment to witness, and as it turns out, fans weren't the only ones surprised by it. Misha Collins himself has admitted that the story beat caught him off-guard.

Collins didn't see Cas' possession coming

As "Supernatural" approached its small screen conclusion, Misha Collins was interviewed by Showbiz Junkies in September 2019. Among the questions presented to him, one asked him to name the most surprising Castiel moment to him throughout the character's run on the show. "I was pretty shocked when Cas became Lucifer. That was a big surprise to me," he said, adding that Cas becoming human also shocked him when he first learned of that plot point. He felt this way because, for quite a few seasons, Collins wasn't so sure that Cas would truly die, given his status as an angel.

Of course, this is just one example of a shocking moment to come out of "Supernatural." Luckily for those seeking to recall more, the "Supernatural" community on Reddit got together to compile some of the greatest hits. In this thread from Redditor u/PumpkinImpossible777, fans rattled off such scenes as Dean being dragged to Hell at the end of Season 3, Bobby Singer's (Jim Beaver) unexpected death, and any one of Dean's deaths throughout the program. Strangely enough, Cas' possession doesn't come up in the conversation, so maybe it wasn't as shocking to fans as it was to Misha Collins.

At any rate, Castiel is an undisputed highlight of "Supernatural" — even though he almost ruined it — who faced more than a few ups and downs throughout his journey. Perhaps we'll get to see him return via "The Winchesters" and add more unforgettable moments to his résumé.