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One Piece Film: Red Will Differ From Previous Installments In One Major Way

There's no shortage of excitement when it comes to a new "One Piece" film. The 15th cinematic installment — "One Piece Film: Red" — gives fans amazing world-building and new characters in addition to their favorite Straw Hats. Its story revolves around the anonymous singer Uta (AmaLee/Ado) as she reveals her identity to the public, and Luffy and the Straw Hats are set to watch it all unfold. "Red" also brings several established characters to the big screen for the very first time. The film already set box office records in Japan, becoming one of Japan's top ten highest-grossing films of all time (via Crunchyroll). Those impressive figures are sure to grow now that it is screening in the U.S. 

While some things stay the same, others are about to change for the popular franchise. The film is charting its own course thanks to a major creative decision by none other than "One Piece" creator Eiichiro Oda. His choice not only introduces a new angle to this already impressive story, but it also makes history for the franchise.

One Piece's creator wanted a female character to lead this project

Deviating from the main characters is nothing new for "One Piece," but its cinematic installments have lacked one key element. "One Piece Film: Red" marks a significant moment in the anime's history with a female character as the focal point. Uta is a singer who found fame thanks to her impressive voice, and the decision to finally reveal her identity to the public comes with a host of emotions and storylines connecting to this pivotal event.

Fans of the character have Oda to thank for her star turn. Producer Shinji Shimizu revealed the creator's involvement while promoting the project's global rollout. "Oda-sensei really wanted to have a female character," he told Comicbook. This creative decision is even more important thanks to Oda's 2022 announcement about ending the popular manga (via Game Rant), and his social media statement was a surprise to many. The series has been going on for 25 years, and it was even supposed to originally end in 2002.

In the anime, Uta was previously part of "Uta's Past Arc," which was only two episodes. During it, Luffy remembered his time with the singer when they were kids, and the arc ended with Luffy and the crew on their way to the concert portrayed in "Red." Fans are already dominating social media with fan art of the singer (via Twitter). The film has also connected with viewers through music thanks to eight new songs sung by Uta, official music videos with the fictional singer, and a vlog highlighting her personal thoughts (via Crunchyroll).

"One Piece Film: Red" debuted in U.S. theaters November 4.