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Groot's Gifts In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Don't Make Sense

Marvel Studios has never really been the type to slip up on continuity issues. Under the all-seeing baseball hat of Kevin Feige is a world tightly connected, running on canon fire to ensure everything stays precisely where it needs to be. That being said, in the case of order and everything being in its place, it feels understandable that The Guardians of the Galaxy don't quite fit the bill and are happy to keep it that way.

The heroes, comprised of a tree, a raccoon, and a collection of cold-blooded killers, have always been a little unorthodox, and we're happy they've kept it that way. That being said, one instance during "The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special" doesn't check out and feels like a significant slip-up regarding this festive treat. It's a moment that eagle-eyed viewers would no doubt have noticed given how crucial to the story it was and that it's the team's moss-riddled mascot guilty of drawing attention to it. Yeah, we're looking at you, Groot. Sorry, buddy.

Groot's gift-giving session doesn't add up in the Guardians Holiday Special

While it's undoubtedly a side story shoehorned into the adventures of our favorite galaxy-hopping outlaws, you'd hope that continuity would be something that stays in check. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case when Groot is handing out his homemade gifts to the rest of his pals at the closing of Marvel's Special Presentation. After Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) gets Kevin Bacon (himself) and roundabout when Drax gets an inflatable elf, Groot rocks up with personalized dioramas for his friends detailing events that have already happened in the not-so-short short story. The strange thing is that Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) get two moments that Groot wasn't even there for.

Now there's a chance that both our heroes regaled the rest of the Guardians in their tale of kidnapping and GoBot beatdowns that Groot caught wind of. Even so, it would be an impressive effort from Groot to capture those moments in a detailed and albeit crude fashion. Does the team's muscle actually have more skills than we know and can take down small details of those that talk to him? Given that he doesn't say much aside from his name, it would give him more time to take stuff in from those around him. It's still a sweet little moment; it's just a bizarre and surprising one thrown in. Of course, that also sums Groot up just perfectly too.