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Friday The 13th Fan Installs Jason Voorhees Statue In Minnesota Lake

Your parents have always told you to never go swimming immediately after eating for fear of stomachaches, but they never warned you to beware of something quite this terrifying. 

The Friday the 13th movie series is filled to the brim with spooks and scares bold enough to have you sleeping with the lights on, mostly thanks to its goalie mask-wearing murderer Jason Voorhees, whom the many installments' main characters have attempted to take down. An adult Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews) seemingly puts an end to Jason in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives by pulling him to the bottom of Crystal Lake, chaining him there for an assumed eternity. (Viewers know that Jason's still alive and well down there, and goes back to his slaying ways in the very next film.)

One fan, Curtis Lahr, brought this scenario to life, building a statue of Jason and installing it underwater at a popular diving location in Crosby, Minnesota. And though Lahr did this way back in 2013, his fright-inducing feat is only now gaining recognition, with horror genre site Bloody Disgusting bringing it to the spotlight. 

Lahr posted a video of the Jason statue when it was first dropped underwater, and followed up in October of 2017, showing that the nightmare fuel of a statue is still going strong. Take a look at both clips below.

Jason Vorhees may be a fictional character, but the terror this installation instills is all too real — which is why it just might be the coolest horror movie homage we've ever seen.