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Criminal Minds: Evolution's Massage Table Murder Mirrors A Real-Life Crime

"Criminal Minds: Evolution" has delivered on the expansive promise of its title in more ways than one. In addition to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and innovations in technology (albeit in a somewhat oblivious way) and telling a bold, overarching story centered around Zach Gilford's complex serial killer Elias Voit, the new series also evolves "Criminal Minds'" approach to violence — mainly in that there's a lot more of it.

Without the constraints of cable television's standards and practices, "Criminal Minds" can get away with a lot more on Paramount+ than it ever did on CBS. In addition to featuring the series' first use of the f-word, Episode 2, "Sicarius," boasts one of the most disgusting, not-safe-for-TV kills ever seen on the show. For those who feel squeamish around descriptions of blood and gore, you may want to use discretion before reading further. Despite the outlandishly gruesome nature of the crimes perpetrated by "Sicarius'" villain of the week, however, it actually shares bizarre similarities with a real with life murder that took place in 2010.

The murder of Scooter Abrahamsen

"Sicarius'" killer Robert Harris (portrayed by Nick Bailey) is ultimately revealed to be sexually motivated in his killings. After an injury causes him to experience erectile dysfunction, he begins using his pain medication to paralyze, humiliate, and eventually murder people who participate in the fetish "cuckolding" (wherein partners essentially simulate or facilitate sexual infidelity in a consensual capacity). In each of his killings, Harris takes the lives of his victims on a massage table. Both the specific setting and the sexual context of Harris' fictional crimes resemble the tragic 2010 murder of Dennis "Scooter" Abrahamsen.

Abrahamsen was an avid biker and tattoo artist who hired adult film star Amanda Logue to perform sexual acts on camera during a party at his house. At the party, Logue coordinated with her boyfriend, fellow adult film actor Jason Andrews (per the Huffington Post). Together, they seemingly plotted to murder and rob Abrahamsen, eventually killing him with a sledgehammer and fleeing with $6,000 in cash and their victim's credit cards. Abrahamsen's body was found face down on a massage table, likely the site of his death. His killers were arrested while trying to use his credit card at a Home Depot and were convicted of his murder two years later. Andrews was given a life sentence, while Logue was sentenced to 40 years in prison.