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Clive Owen Navigates A Bleak World Of Data In Trailer For Anon

Sometimes it's hard to hide your feelings from the world. But what if you couldn't hide anything?

Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried are set to co-star in Anon, a new sci-fi thriller from Gattaca and In Time writer-director Andrew Niccol. 

Anon follows Owen as Sal Frieland, an inhabitant of an alternate, dystopian world where privacy has been eradicated. In this world, every citizen has been outfitted with ocular implants that plug them into an information stream called the Mind's Eye, allowing them to see the personal histories and information of everyone they pass. Thanks to a database called the Ether, the entire history of everyone is available for public viewing — whether they like it or not.

In this parable, society has come to depend on the constant combination of everyone's private information, with law enforcement using the infinite data of the Ether to hunt and prosecute criminals. 

When Frieland meets a young woman, played by Seyfried, who appears to have no documented identity, he discovers a flaw in the system that threatens the security of all. Suspecting her to be responsible for a recent string of unsolved murders, Frieland sets off on a hunt to find the mysterious woman and stop the next killing before it can occur.

An international trailer with Greek subtitles for the feature was released today, and you can check it out up above, so long as you're comfortable reading in between the lines.

Anon will be released in theaters in the UK on May 11, with a Netflix release to follow for US audiences later this year.