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Donnie Wahlberg Teases A Continued Feud Between Danny And Jamie In Blue Bloods Season 13

The following article contains general spoilers for "Blue Bloods" Season 13.

Policing is a family business for the New York-bound Reagan clan in CBS' "Blue Bloods" — and yes, they fight like family when they're on the job and not just around the dinner table. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and his daughter, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), often fight over how things should be run. On the beat and in the streets, cops Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes) sometimes disagree about cases that they work. Although all of the Reagans love one another, they do not hesitate to do whatever they believe is right at the drop of a hat.

During Episode 6 of Season 13, "On Dangerous Ground," Jamie and Danny butted heads over their work once again. Jamie took on some of Danny's old duties when the former took on a promotion to become a Field Intelligence Sergeant. That resulted in Jamie both being secretive and running interference in one of Danny's cases — a gang-related shooting investigation that Danny had been heavily invested in due to his emotional involvement in it. The brothers ended the episode on unsettled terms. While Jamie insists he's just doing his job, Danny snaps and refers to his brother as an embarrassment.

Fans of the brothers Reagan were left worried about the status of their brotherly bond. Now Donnie Wahlberg has contributed to the conversation with a post on his Twitter that hints that the rivalry between the two brothers will continue.

You can expect Jamie and Danny's feud to carry on

Via a tweet posted by Donnie Wahlberg on November 18, it appears that Jamie and Danny will continue their feud for a while longer — at least through another episode. "Sadly, I think this feud with Danny & Jamie will carry over to the next episode," he said, adding a teary-faced emoji followed by a blue and a red heart. That means it's going to take a while to heal the rift between the brothers, but there's hope that, somehow, they will manage to bridge the wounds ripped open by their argument. It sounds as if it's only a matter of time before they rediscover their brotherly bond, but a little more drama will go down before anything's fully settled.

That ultimately ends up leaving more questions than it answers behind. Will their family dinners be affected? Will the rest of the siblings and their partners have to draw lines of their own in the sand and pick between supporting Danny or supporting Jamie? Will it affect Jamie's new job? Fans will have to wait to see how this pans out for the brothers Reagan.