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One Piece Film: Red Producer Divulges Exciting Music Details For Fans To Look Forward To

Music and anime have a long history of co-existing. From the jazzy tones of "Cowboy Bebop" to the '90s pop of "Pokemon," soundtracks have proven to be pivotal points in an anime's success. "One Piece" is no different, with various theme songs leading the way over its run. Past seasons have included contributions from a host of pop stars, such as boy band V6, Namie Amuro, and AAA, and each one offers a clue to the season's themes and storylines (via JapanTruly). For instance, Amuro's theme songs have a life of their own among fans, as many choose "Hope" or "We Fight Together" among their all-time favorite songs in the anime (via GameRant).

That tradition continues with "One Piece Film: Red." The film is set to offer new musical directions for the long-running franchise. Everything revolves around the mysterious Uta (AmaLee), a fairly new character to the world of "One Piece," as she has only appeared in a two-episode arc before the film's release (via IGN). The singer keeps her identity secret, but that is set to change with a major concert. "Red" follows Uta throughout her experience while keeping well-known characters in the mix. It's also changing how fans interact with their favorite Grand Line players. 

Uta's songs play a major role in the film's plot

Promotion surrounding the new "One Piece" film has set it apart from previous cinematic ventures. As reported by Comicbook, the fictional singer Uta connects with fans via YouTube and a vlog, giving the "One Piece" fanbase a view into the character's private thoughts. In anticipation of her popularity, there will also be two soundtracks released. The first focuses on the film's score, and the other highlights the tracks performed by Uta (via FilmMusicReporter). In reality, the eight tracks will be sung by Ado. According to The Japan Times, this popular Japanese singer has broken records and remains a chart-topping performer, and she's amassed millions of YouTube views, mirroring the success of Uta in the world of "One Piece." 

Uta's inclusion creates excitement among the "One Piece" community. "One Piece Film: Red" Producer Shinji Shimizu unpacked his views of Uta and her music as part of a Comicbook interview. For him, the film's music is crucial to this new feature because music being used like this has not been done before in past "One Piece" films. More importantly, he felt this addition could help bridge a gap with a newer generation of fans.

The decision to feature the enigmatic singer Uta came from "One Piece" creator Eiichiro Oda. During NYCC 2022, Director Goro Taniguchi and producer Hiroaki Shibata both spoke about Oda's involvement in "One Piece Film: Red," with Taniguchi stating, "Oda-sensei is really into music." Shibata added that viewers can expect the creator's "signature on every song in this movie." 

"One Piece Film: Red" debuted in U.S. theaters November 4.