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What Is The Song In Princess Cruises' Real Neon Commercial?

The music that is included in film holds a tremendous amount of power. When the right song is paired with the right narrative moments and the right images on camera, music can cause viewers to smile, laugh, start dancing, or even tear up and cry. In movies, when an important or moving scene is occurring, music is often used in the background to heighten the emotions of the scene. In fact, the music in modern movies is often similar to each other. Likewise, the music used in commercials is also incredibly important and can help brands get their message across.

Recently, Princess Cruises' "Real Neon" commercial was released with a great song in the background. The commercial is advertising a cruise line, so the main message the commercial is trying to convey is that cruises are fun, memorable, and can provide a refreshing escape. Thus, throughout the commercial, various people are shown doing fun cruise activities such as dining, dancing, drinking, playing games, swimming, and taking excursions onto land. 

Since they are trying to convince viewers to book a fun vacation, Princess Cruises chose an upbeat, catchy song rather than a depressing or serious song. Viewers of the commercial might wonder what the song is and where it can be streamed. 

Princess Cruises' Real Neon commercial features the song La La La by Addie Hamilton

The song in Princess Cruises' "Real Neon" commercial is "La La La" by the American pop singer Addie Hamilton. The song did not appear on a full-length album but, rather, was released as a single in 2017. So far, Hamilton has not released any full-length albums, but she has released a number of singles. 

The song's lyrics fit perfectly with Princess Cruises' "Real Neon" commercial because they are all about having a great time. The first words in the song are "Everybody go" repeated, so this intro even fits well with the commercial which is about traveling for fun. The lyrics include things like "every night is a holiday," "every day is Friday night," and "from New York to Panama, gonna party like Mardi Gras." Indeed, vacations are sometimes called "holidays" because they are for having fun, whether or not they technically fall on a national holiday. 

"La La La" by Addie Hamilton is available to listen to on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and YouTube Music