Bill Hader Has A Killer Job To Do In New Barry Trailer

Bill Hader is a hit man who wants out of the business in the newest trailer for HBO's upcoming dark comedy series Barry. In the show, Hader plays Barry, a killer for hire who finds a new passion when he tracks one of his marks to a Los Angeles-based acting class.

"These people I take out, they're bad people," Barry says at the start of the trailer. "The money's good. It's a job." However, Barry's routine is thrown for a loop when he has to perform an "urgent" hit on Ryan Madison (Tyler Jacob Moore), who Barry finds in an acting class led by Henry Winkler's Gene Cousineau.

Although Barry's acting abilities are definitely not the best, he says that the class makes him feel "really good." "I feel really motivated right now," he tells Stephen Root's Fuches. "These are professional actors. They're the real deal and they say I got something." Also keeping Barry in the class is Sarah Goldberg's Sally, who tells him to go for what he wants.

However, as Fuches points out, Barry's newest interest puts him in direct conflict with the anonymity required to be a professional killer. As the trailer shows, though, there are also a lot of similarities, with Cousineau telling him the best way to be an actor is to "adapt, adjust, [and] let that cat out"– all also important skills in being a hitman.

Barry's cast also includes Anthony Carrigan, Golan Pazar, Marcus Brown, Alejandro Furth, Paula Newsome, and John Pirruccello. The series, which is directed and co-written by Hader alongside Seinfeld's Alec Berg, will debut on March 25 on HBO.