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Chris Hemsworth Is Open To Another Thor Outing But Would Expect It To Be His Last

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed dramatically post-Phase Three, especially when it comes to the hero roster. Numerous names have introduced themselves on screens big and small, carrying the franchise into the future while the old guard recedes further and further into the past. With Phase Five on the horizon, only a few of the original six Avengers are still fighting the good fight. Although, based on recent media, Clint "Hawkeye" Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Bruce "Hulk" Banner (Mark Ruffalo) seem to be moving away from the superhero lifestyle and toward retirement.

And then there's Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

At the time of this writing, the God of Thunder is the only original Avenger to get a fourth movie, that being "Thor: Love and Thunder" from director Taika Waititi. The follow-up to "Thor: Ragnarok" premiered in the summer of 2022, and despite bringing Hemsworth back alongside Natalie Portman as Jane Foster — aka the Mighty Thor –, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Waititi as Korg against Gorr the God-Butcher (Christian Bale), the film didn't exactly impress. It did somewhat ok critically and made a good amount of money, but more seem to dislike this "Thor" franchise entry than enjoy it. 

In the wake of "Love and Thunder," many have wondered what Thor's future in the MCU looks like. While Chris Hemsworth isn't opposed to returning to the role, he expects his next Thor performance to be his last.

Hemsworth seems uncertain of Thor's MCU future

Chris Hemsworth recently spoke with Vanity Fair, and during the interview, the topic of his tenure as Thor came up. When asked about his interest in taking on the character in the future, he mentioned that he wouldn't mind doing so as long as there's something interesting to do with the God of Thunder in the current MCU landscape. "I'm completely open to it if there is something unique and fresh and unexpected to do with the character and the world," he said, noting that fan desire to see more Thor in the MCU is also a key factor in regards to his potential comeback.

From there, Hemsworth brought up how much longer he can see himself playing Thor. While he appreciates the run he's had so far and is always open to new creative avenues in the role, even he recognizes that the end is near. He continues, "I feel like we'd probably have to close the book if I ever did it again...You have this birth of a hero, the journey of a hero, then the death of a hero, and I don't know — am I at that stage? Who knows?" With these comments in mind, it seems like Hemsworth is bracing for his next Thor performance, wherever it may happen, to be his last.

Time will tell how Thor's MCU story will end, but when it does, it'll undoubtedly be a landmark moment in the massive Marvel franchise.