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Insidious To Take The Franchise Even Further With Another Sequel

Prepare to go even further into the Further.

The producers behind the Insidious series are heading back for a fifth entry, according to a report by Bloody Disgusting.

The news comes as a surprise of sorts to observers who thought the series may have been running out of steam by its fourth installment, which was just released in January. Unexpectedly, Insidious: The Last Key ended up being the highest-grossing installment in the series to date, beating out the previous top performer in the franchise, Insidious Chapter 2.

The original Insidious premiered in 2011 and brought in $97 million worldwide, with its sequel taking in an impressive $161.9 million. Up to now, that was the high point — the following movie, Insidious Chapter 3, took a precipitous dive down to a $113 million take, which would lead one to believe that the series was on its downswing. The Last Key proved those predictions wrong with a worldwide take of $164.4 million, and now a fifth installment in the series is being fast-tracked for the sake of keeping the train rolling.

Reportedly, the new movie will not follow in its predecessor's footsteps by also being a prequel to the original film, but other than that it's unknown when or whom the story will revolve around. (Would they have the guts to call movie five Insidious Chapter 4?) One also imagines that, considering the property appears to be doing just fine on its own, those ideas for a Sinister/Insidious crossover are probably more or less dead, at least for now.

There's currently no word on whether or not Adam Robitel, who directed Insidious: The Last Key, will return to head up the fifth movie in the series. His next feature, the action thriller The Maze, is currently in post-production, and set for release sometime this year.