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ReBoot: The Guardian Code Trailer Brings The 90s Cartoon To Real Life

Warning: Incoming remake.

ReBoot, the Toy Story-era Canadian cartoon series that ran in the United States on ABC and Cartoon Network in the 90s, is being revived for a whole new era of computing — and things couldn't be more different. Not only has the series had to swap out its floppy drives for flash drives, it's added a whole new element to the mix never before seen in the series: Real people.

The computer animated series, impressive for its time and charmingly aged today, followed the adventures of a digital society and its defenders, imagining the inside of a computer as a world unto itself. Taking place in a world called Mainframe, the series centered on Bob, a Guardian of Mainframe who defended the city/computer system from viruses and destructive computer games. Notably, the series took place entirely inside of the digital reality, with the existence of human beings on another plane of existence being only implied.

The trailer for the new series takes that concept and turns it on its head, centering instead on teenage human users entering the system as "the first humans to defend cyberspace". As part of their digitization, the teens gain elaborate powers in a manner that appears to add up to something like Tron meets Power Rangers.

The clearest connection the trailer shows to the original series is the villain Megabyte, who appears in this incarnation of the series to be either controlled by or allied with a human man in an eeeevil black hoodie. Though we don't get a look at any of them in the trailer, other characters from the original series will also reportedly appear in some capacity, following up on the original series' cliffhanger of an ending.

The four "Next-Generation Guardians of Cyberspace" will be aided in their journeys by an artificially intelligent teen named Vera. Just as the teens can enter the digital realm, Vera can transfer herself into the biological world, and while she looks human, she can't quite shake that computerized personality.

The ReBoot reboot was created by Michael Hefferon, who recently worked as an executive producer on the Ratchet & Clank movie and the TV series Spy Kids: Mission Critical. It stars Ty Wood as Austin, Sydney Scotia as Enigma, Ajay Parikh-Friese as Parker, Gabriel Darku as Trey, Hannah Vandenbygaart as Vera, and Timothy Brummund as Megabyte.

ReBoot: The Guardian Code will debut 20 episodes on Netflix on March 30 everywhere in the world except for Canada, which will start seeing the series broadcast on YTV sometime in June, so check out the trailer up above and start getting ready for the new game now.