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Silicon Valley Is Full Of Vicious Beasts In Season 5 Trailer

Get ready for another season of bears, dogs, angel investors, and other wild animals of the west coast — Silicon Valley is back.

In the series' first season following the departure of T.J. Miller, the HBO tech industry satire doesn't appear to have lost a single step, catching up with our heroes while they're in the middle of falling far behind. Pied Piper is beginning to come together as a company, but the team that started it all is asleep at the wheel — or, at least, gripped in crippling panic as a result of social anxiety and self-doubt. These personality traits are a feature, not a bug, by the way. Real innovators are terrified of everything.

HBO previously released a short teaser for the new episodes a month ago which covered some of the same themes as this full trailer, hinting that one of the season's central struggles will be the pains of leadership — especially painful for lifelong introverts like Thomas Middleditch's Richard. For all the negative things you could say about T.J. Miller's Erlich, you can't deny that guy could arrest the attentions of a room. Who knows what Pied Piper will be able to pull off without him. Is the data compression startup the next Tesla? Or are we witnessing the sad birth of a new Juicero? With these guys in charge, either option's funny.

Silicon Valley starts up again on March 25. Watch the trailer for the fifth season up above.