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Jesse Quick Is Coming To DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

The fastest girl alive already speeds across dimensions on a whim, so why not take up time travel?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is about to have more speedsters on staff than it knows what to do with, as Entertainment Weekly has revealed that The Flash's Jesse Quick will be making an appearance on Arrowverse sister show in the series' third season.

According to the report, Violett Beane will appear as the Earth-Two speedster on Legends of Tomorrow for the season's 15th episode, "Necromancing the Stone".

It's not currently known what sort of plot will bring Jesse away from her duties as the speedster defender of Earth-Two, but we can bet she'll certainly enjoy the reunion with Wally West. West, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, is set to decamp from The Flash to become a permanent member of the Waverider's crew this year. 

Additionally, Beane will appear as Quick on the Tuesday, March 6 episode of The Flash, which is always welcome. There, she'll join fellow speedster Jay Garrick from Earth-Three to help prevent a nuclear bomb from destroying Central City. (It's not currently known which Earth's Central City they'll be teaming up save, but suffice to say, with three speedsters on the clock, the city's in good hands — unless Barry decides to ruin everything again, of course.)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is currently in the middle of its third season, and currently airs new episodes on Mondays at 8 pm ET on The CW.