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Quentin Tarantino Has Harsh Opinions About Our Current Film Era

Of the many great directors to build names for themselves in Hollywood over the past few decades, few are as well-known and revered as Quentin Tarantino. His feature-length debut came in 1992 via the crime drama "Reservoir Dogs," and in the years that followed, he churned out hit after hit and made it look easy. From "Pulp Fiction" to "Jackie Brown," the famed filmmaker has far more hits than he does misses, and looking back on his remarkable career as it nears its end, it's clear that his filmography is rivaled by very few.

So, what has made Tarantino such a successful director? Well, one can attribute several key factors to him reaching the pinnacle of the entertainment world. His gift for writing, his ability to craft intriguing and unforgettable characters, as well as his unique visual style all play a role in his prosperity. However, the real secret ingredient is the plain and simple fact that he loves cinema. As a former video store employee and lifelong film enthusiast, he's immersed himself in all that the medium has to offer and maintains his appreciation of it as an art form.

At the same time, Quentin Tarantino's love for movies doesn't mean he's endlessly optimistic about the industry behind such works of art. In fact, he's been rather vocal about his disappointment in the silver screen media of the modern era.

Tarantino feels we're living in one of the worst eras in Hollywood history

On a recent episode of "The Video Archives Podcast," which he hosts alongside Roger Avary, Quentin Tarantino made an interesting remark about the state of Hollywood in 2022. In fact, he considers it to be one of the worst eras in Hollywood history. "At least as far as going out to the movies was concerned, I do feel that '80s cinema is, along with the '50s, the worst era in Hollywood history. Matched only by now, matched only by the current era," he claimed, which isn't too surprising coming from him. In recent years, he hasn't held back his dislike for the current direction of the film industry.

For example, in early November 2022, Tarantino his feelings toward modern blockbusters — specifically Marvel projects — obvious. "You have to be a hired hand to do those things. I'm not a hired hand. I'm not looking for a job," he said, explaining why he has no interest in directing such productions (via The Los Angeles Times). This comes a few years after an interview with Deadline where he stated in 2019 that the film world was at war with itself as small auteur productions attempted to combat massive, dominant studio popcorn flicks like the juggernaut "Avengers: Endgame."

Quentin Tarantino isn't the only prominent figure to critique modern Hollywood, and he likely won't be the last. Time will tell who else will offer grim evaluations of the film landscape — be it out of love for the medium, frustration over perceived damage to it, or a bit of both.