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30 Best Blue Bloods Episodes Ranked

"Blue Bloods" delivers the police procedural goods. Focusing on the Reagan family — the members of which are each connected to police work in some way — the show follows along as they solve murders, get into shootouts, and have Sunday family dinners that are never short on drama. Spearheaded by Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck), this dysfunctional unit is only ever a whisker away from something that stops viewers' hearts.

The show's crime drama standards have remained high since the first season, which can make it difficult to determine the best episodes — or even separate the best from the worst. From unexpected engagements to dramatic shootings, this is a show that truly has it all for fans of procedural series. Looking for the best place to start your "Blue Bloods" binge? We've got you covered — here's a look at the 30 best-rated episodes of "Blue Bloods," according to IMDb users. Spoilers ahead.

30. The Road To Hell (Season 6, Episode 14)

Nothing starts an episode of a crime drama more effectively than a good old-fashioned murder. As Season 6's "The Road To Hell" opens with the shooting of Pablo Gonzalez, it's not hard to see why the episode has racked up an 8.2 rating on IMDb. With four sex workers immediately confessing to killing him, their arrests — and one dramatically trying to escape — are only the tip of the iceberg for an episode filled with drama. Frank has a new dilemma on his hands when he discovers his church donation box has been robbed. It leads him to Father Quinn, a priest with connections to crime who refuses to turn anyone in.

It's a change in pace for Frank — typically buddying up to lawyers who work for the mafia, or having to watch his family suffer through a terrifying, life-changing ordeal. By this point in "Blue Bloods," fans are well aware that Frank's heart isn't always in the job he does, and this episode's dinner scene discussing ongoing concerns with family proves home's where his heart is. Meanwhile, Nicky has a close run-in with the cops when she's pulled over for a broken taillight only for them to find drugs in her car. Thankfully, the Reagan family name isn't besmirched (this time) as all charges are dropped.

29. The Life We Chose (Season 2, Episode 15)

The call is coming from inside the house ... or at least that's how the action feels in this episode thanks to a planned acid attack. Season 2's "The Life We Chose" follows Frank running into old acquaintance — and possible friend with benefits — Melanie Mane. A reporter by trade, she becomes the victim of a targeted acid attack during an evening out with Frank. The mystery of figuring out the identity of her attacker immediately has us hooked, and a satisfying payoff is delivered in its reveal.

Meanwhile, Jamie receives a call from Bianca to say that Johnny Tesla is dead — only for Bianca to disappear shortly after. Deep into an undercover operation, Jamie has to roll with some considerable punches to try and get the answers he's looking for. In a particularly tense moment, we see him fake his own arrest to ensure his cover isn't blown. Being a "Blue Bloods" fan isn't for the faint-hearted.

28. Playing With Fire (Season 9, Episode 1)

It's unusual for a show to open with such a strong premiere nine seasons into its run, but "Blue Bloods" easily manages it. Fans are already riding high on the back of Jamie and Eddie's surprise engagement, but the opening moments of "Playing with Fire" present an interesting dilemma. Can the pair continue to be work partners if things are warming up at home? At another fantastic family Sunday dinner, the Reagan gang discusses it. Even though Eddie is the new kid at the dinner table, it's heartwarming to see Jack, Shawn, and Nicky give her advice and their perspectives on Reagan family life.

Elsewhere, Erin adjusts to her new promotion at work, while Danny stares a personal vendetta in the face. Taking on a case concerning a drug cartel member he suspects torched his house, Danny's handle on laying down the law is rattled by high emotional stakes. The episode's narrative presents a flaw in his character, proving he can't be entirely trusted when he really wants something. Did Danny set Delgado up? We're yet to find out.

27. Bad Company (Season 5, Episode 18)

Sex sells — and the same can certainly be said for an episode of "Blue Bloods." With a healthy 8.3 on IMDb, Season 5's "Bad Company" kicks off with a spur-of-the-moment undercover operation that leads to a secret brothel. A young girl called Anna has just arrived in New York, only to be lured to a youth hostel that doesn't exist. Pulled into the operation at the last minute, Eddie takes it upon herself to close in on the captor. It's a great moment for fans to see her character step up, taking the opportunity to prove herself.

In stark contrast, Frank is having a more wholesome outing, with his story in the episode centering around Sarah Grant's wedding. Asking Frank to walk her down the aisle, the two blend hard-hitting drama with pure emotion by revisiting Sarah's past ties to the killing of her family. Murderer Donald is now a senile old man, but Sarah refuses to show him any compassion. If there's ever the right man to see you through the good and bad times, it's got to be Frank.

26. New Rules (Season 5, Episode 21)

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but Season 5's "New Rules" shows Frank wishing he'd put his friends first. During a relatively mundane lunch outing with his wife, close friend Chief Kent is killed in cold blood. In an emotional state, Frank appoints Danny to lead the case. It's a decision that may have consequences, as Danny's reputation to do things off the cuff speaks for itself. Fortunately, it seems Frank knows that too, and firmly requests that everything to be done by the book.

It's a narrative that spirals into even more disaster for the rest of the cast. Both Frank and Danny grow increasingly upset by unfolding events, with Frank eventually vetoing Danny's request to resign from the case. The Warrior Kings are out to cause trouble for every element of the investigation — even making thinly veiled threats at a witness in the hospital. It's an emotional gut-punch of an episode that keeps fans firmly gripped to their seats, closing out with two gunshots somewhere in the hospital before the screen fades to black.

25. Blues (Season 9, Episode 15)

It might not have an overly inventive title, but Season 9's "Blues" puts its money where its mouth is. Danny is thrown into the moral deep end after shooting a suspect, and the episode is able to put a fresh, creative spin on a familiar theme. Though his reputation is far from stellar, it's a moment in the show when Danny shows a real sense of maturity. There's nothing he can do or say to ease the pain of the victim's family, and the struggle with his personal guilt fuels the episode.

"Blues" also shows an interesting new side to Frank, proving himself more willing to take risks than he was in earlier seasons. After finding out a colleague is about to lose his job because of childhood criminal activity, Frank allows Inspector Clifford to sort out his own wrongdoings. Once a felon, always a felon? Maybe not, thanks to Frank Reagan.

24. Framed (Season 3, Episode 12)

Danny, Danny, Danny ... what have you done now? He's known for being the family's troublemaker, and  in the Season 3 episode "Framed," he's caught with cocaine in the back of his car — although he's being set up by an as yet unknown assailant. At his core, we know that Danny is a kind and loyal guy; it's interesting to watch the family dynamics at play, with the Reagans collectively deciding they can't be too close to the investigation. There's more drama when Jack, Erin's ex, is hired to defend Danny. Big yikes.

The episode stays firmly focused on Danny's plight, leading him to suspect everyone — including his trusted partner, Kate. It's a sad moment but one we can't really blame him for after his off-duty weapons go missing and an unmarked car turns up outside his house. Danny's charges are dropped, but not before an innocent death and a nasty gambling habit is unearthed.

23. Shoot the Messenger (Season 5, Episode 7)

Normally when Frank is at the heart of an episode, the action turns ugly. This time, he's blindsided in an entirely new way. Season 5's "Shoot the Messenger" kicks off with Frank being interviewed on CBS News, only to be taken off guard by a potential policy change. It's a moment that acts as a spark for the drama to build up, culminating in Frank learning that Erin and McCoy are dating. It's refreshing to see Frank get so bogged down by the small stuff, flying into fits of rage that prove his character is still flawed. McCoy openly apologizes, yet Frank seems unwilling to do the same.

At the same time, Danny's head is wrapped up in transferring to another precinct. And if you're looking for a dose of hardcore crime in this episode, you're guaranteed to get it as Jamie and Eddie investigate a delicate suicide that ends up being staged by the victim's boss.

22. Happy Endings (Season 11, Episode 12)

"Blue Bloods" has always been a family affair, but sometimes the action can get a little too personal. Frank is dealing with a double whammy in his department in "Happy Endings," as Abigail and Garrett have issues. It's intriguing for Frank to be challenged in such a different way, though his experience as head honcho of the Reagan family comes to the fore. Able to effectively play the role of mediator, Frank makes great strides toward helping Abigail and Garrett.

The episode feels all too personal for Erin at the same time, as she approaches Jack to represent one of her defendants. There's immediate confusion as to why she's chosen to do this, though the pair are able to work out a respectable plea deal. In true "Blue Bloods" style, the episode closes out on a Reagan family dinner, with Jack reclaiming a seat at the table. To us, that only sounds like an invitation for more drama.

21. By Hook or by Crook (Season 9, Episode 7)

Guess who's back, back again ... it's the drug cartel member who set fire to Danny's house. Season 9's "By Hook or by Crook" opens with some pretty chaotic drama, as two officers — one of them Abigail's husband — are shot while watching a witness from their car. Once again, Danny is hellbent on taking the leader of the cartel down, even while others try to convince him he's not fit to lead the case. By the end of the episode, we learn that they're picking off people close to Danny, leaving fans in suspense about who could be the next victim.

In addition to drug cartel action, this episode is packed with dramatic twists and turns. Jamie and Eddie have a tough time talking to her mother Lena, with Eddie convinced Lena will scare off yet another boyfriend. It's a stark contrast to the grisly murders happening in front of Danny's eyes, but the focus on family is a welcome diversion. Frank isn't let off the hook either, with Erin outright asking for parental protection during her first press conference. The two need to decide which relationship comes first — father and daughter, or chief and officer?

20. All the News That's Fit to Click (Season 6, Episode 3)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Annoying reporter is shot inside a patrol car! Jamie and Eddie have a lot on their hands in Season 6's third episode, "All the News That's Fit to Click." Thankfully, the reporter will be okay, though he's weirdly intent on a good story rather than his own recovery. After identifying the shooter, he's found dead, causing Frank and Garrett to butt heads over how best to deal with it. It's here that we realize that, while he can come across as cantankerous, Frank Reagan is a man who knows when to apologize. The two are able to put their differences aside and find new reasons why Garrett should stay with the department.

With so much focus on a shooting, Linda's struggle with her own ordeal makes for a powerful contrast to watch. While the Reagan family loves nothing more than discussing criminals at the dinner table, it's not for everyone, leading Linda to blow up at their constant obsession. Not only is it about time that someone called them out on it, but it leads to Linda getting the help she needs. What's wrong with talking about TV like everyone else?

19. The Fog of War (Season 10, Episode 14)

When it all goes wrong in "Blue Bloods," it all goes wrong spectacularly. In Season 10's "The Fog of War," Eddie accidentally shoots an undercover cop after getting mixed up in a chase with her partner. Her day gets even worse when it's revealed that the officer died on the operating room table, meaning Frank has to deal with the fallout. It hasn't been long since Eddie started to step up and take on bigger challenges, so watching her take a dramatically big hit in her career is tough to watch. Her relationship with Frank is also taken in a brand new direction, putting her connection to him as a boss and father-in-law at risk.

In an episode that puts its women first, Erin also has an interesting journey during "The Fog of War." Where she has previously been at odds with fan and character opinion in her decision-making, standing up to Mayor Chase feels bang on the money. There's nobody better than the "Blue Bloods" gang for giving good advice about not mixing the personal with the professional.

18. Common Enemies (Season 9, Episode 19)

Coming in at an impressive 8.4 on the IMDb scale, "Common Enemies" continues the gripping Season 9 faceoff between Danny and Delgado. This time, Delgado's wife has been killed, leading to the pair teaming up to find out who's behind the attack. Not only does the episode show Delgado finally being put behind bars, but it presents an interesting angle on legal morality, as the show is known for tackling. When is a confession ever good enough on its own? In Delgado's case, it's good enough. This episode looks like we'll finally see the last of this larger-than-life villain — but with "Blue Bloods," who can say what's to come?

In the episode's B storyline, Erin is having an interesting time of it too. She's butting heads with Jamie, who's convinced she's publicly undermining him when he should be defending her. She's spent a lifetime as the sister of a cop who never plays by the rules (looking at you, Danny), so Jamie should know better than to go up against her. When it comes to unnecessary drama that creates delicious tension, we love to see it.

17. Exiles (Season 4, Episode 22)

We think we've seen this show before, and we didn't like the ending ... Taylor Swift might have said it first, but Season 4's "Exiles" is all about dead ends. After the unexpected suicide of a high-end madam, Danny is pulled into the case, which quickly leads him and Frank nowhere. When Danny is suddenly taken off of the case, suspicions arise as to why. The answer? One of Frank's chiefs has been with a high-end sex worker, with the DA using video evidence to keep him under their thumb. Sometimes there really is nothing worse than a crooked cop.

Erin has another intriguing dilemma on her hands. This time, she's choosing to stand up to her boss Amanda over her handling of the sting operation for Danny's case. Erin is never better than when she vocally challenges the system, and it's incredibly satisfying to see her hold her own against Amanda. It works — Amanda has to resign, publicly implicating herself for withholding the video.

16. Silver Linings (Season 12, Episode 20)

The best "Blue Bloods" episodes have multiple dramas playing out at once, and Season 12's "Silver Linings" is up there with the most popular. Jamie and Joe possibly have the biggest challenge on their hands, as they search for an undocumented teenage girl who's been the victim of sex trafficking. Danny is called upon to join the case, and it's particularly rewarding for viewers to see him play the hero of the hour. Though there are casualties along the way, fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief as suspect Carlo Sanchez is pursued — a rare positive outcome in the history of "Blue Bloods."

Rounding out the high stakes, chases, and murders is a good old-fashion Reagan family dinner. Frank takes a moment to reflect on how grateful he is for everyone around the table, making for a touching personal moment we tend to forget at the height of the drama. There are even ground rules this time — no bad language, and no phones at the table. Can they ever manage not to talk about crime too?

15. Unbearable Loss (Season 7, Episode 10)

If there's one thing a serious police investigation doesn't need, it's a seed of doubt. After Jamie runs into a mugger who goes for his gun in Season 7's "Unbearable Loss," he starts to doubt if he really saw what he thought he did. It's not the first time we've seen Jamie doubt — but it's usually aimed at other people rather than himself. By sticking to what he believes and following through with a course of action, Jamie's trust in himself pays off. Toward the end of the episode, the suspect's father finds him to apologize, explaining the complicated backstory that led to him lunging for the gun.

Things are tough for the rest of the team, with a key witness of Erin's escaping following a prison vehicle crash with fatal consequences. However, the center of grief lies with Frank, who's dealing with the murder of his toughest critic's son. It's a horrid situation, but it does open some amazing emotional doors — the pair are able to share the pain of Frank's past, leading him to be invited to the son's funeral.

14. To Protect and Serve (Season 4, Episode 3)

A classic murder investigation isn't always what it seems in "Blue Bloods." With at 8.5 on IMDb, Season 4's "To Protect and Serve" finds Danny and Baez discovering their main suspect in a murder inquiry is actually an informant for Homeland Security. It's the sort of twist that makes a crime drama extra juicy, which is made even better when Frank is warned to back off. His authority isn't often challenged by outside forces, so seeing him battle to retain his sense of pride makes for an extremely intriguing storyline.

"To Protect and Serve" ultimately marks the beginning of the ongoing Danny and Delgado saga. Delgado doesn't come into "Blue Bloods" quietly, taking a handful of people — including Erin — hostage during his appearance in court. The standoff turns even uglier when Frank learns what happened, right as he's being interviewed on live TV. Building in this extra layer of tension makes this episode ripe for repeat viewings, watching along as Frank can only stand by and watch his children make tough decisions.

13. This Way Out (Season 3, Episode 23)

Gun culture is sadly a topic never too far from our national discourse. But what happens when a gun isn't what it seems? In "This Way Out," a brand new face is on the scene — a young Hector Santiago. Not only is it exciting to see a fresh face inducted into the Reagans' world, but he quickly brings a new dose of drama. After a heated town hall meeting, Hector shoots at Mayor Poole. It's immediately complicated, as Officer Vinny Cruz used to babysit him. Even worse — Hector passes the gun off as a toy when confronted, causing even more confusion.

Elsewhere, Danny is in the middle of something explosive. After he arrests Santana's girlfriend when she's caught carrying drugs, Santana orders a hit on her from prison. Still, at least better times are on Danny's horizon, thanks to Linda demanding a family vacation.

12. Forgive and Forget (Season 5, Episode 2)

It's an easy mantra to believe, but not always to act out. Erin has the most unexpected dilemma in "Forgive and Forget," after learning her new lover might actually be her boss. Making things even more complicated, it's hard for fans not to like him. Bobby seems to be an instantly good fit for Erin, which with hindsight could be a red flag in itself. It's unusual for a romantic storyline to stand out in a sea of crime and murders, but this episode does a great job of mixing Erin's personal life with her professional one.

No "Blue Bloods" episode would be complete without a healthy dose of bad behavior, and it's unsurprising that Danny finds himself at the heart of it. After asking Erin to file a murder charge against a man who shot a young girl — and ended up dying 8 years later — Danny doesn't see the results go his way. He immediately struggles to see the conflict of interest and the ultimate decision not to prosecute, being particularly hard on his sister in the process. It's the kind of family tension we love to see, with Frank once again playing mediator when work gets too personal.

11. Excessive Force (Season 5, Episode 4)

For a police officer, we'd imagine life gets easier when your suspects are playing ball. Yet in true Reagan family style, nothing you love doing comes easy — and "Excessive Force" kicks off with a badly broken leg. Danny's suspect jumps out of a window in order to avoid confrontation, though he's quick to tell everyone a well-spun lie. Believing that Danny has in fact thrown the suspect instead, his sergeant gives him a dressing down. It's not a difficult conclusion to jump to given his history, but seeing Danny unfairly treated when he's acted by the book is a tough pill for fans to swallow.

Before any surprise engagements or appearances at the Reagan Sunday dinners, Jamie and Eddie spend a lot of time chasing each other. In this episode, Eddie finds Jamie dating a hot young doctor hard to watch, with their undefinable relationship called into question. It's a will-they-or-won't-they situation that keeps delivering drama, with a relationship so close to fruition that viewers can almost taste it.

10. The Bitter End (Season 3, Episode 22)

"The Bitter End" combines a sorrowful past with an exciting present. Danny and Baez respond to an urgent call concerning a woman and her infant. Wrapped up in gang disputes, the victim sees no way out other than to take her own life. It's a shocking scene to open on, and a fantastic reminder of what "Blue Bloods" does so well — combining shocking crime and heart-wrenching emotions into one epic end product. The drama doesn't end there, with local gang leader Santana declaring war on the NYPD.

Behind the scenes, we actually see Danny using some excellent detective skills — which is a stark contrast to the bad boy personality he's displayed up until this point. It's a bad day for everyone in the Reagan household, as Frank and Erin are also at each other's throats. Police work is tough, and some days it's even tougher than others.

9. Partners (Season 5, Episode 1)

There's nothing like a good premiere to start a TV season, and "Partners" delivers exactly that. Keeping things fresh by offering a different perspective on police work, new lieutenant Frank is immediately put in a no-win situation. Dealing with a man exhibiting concerning behavior, Frank needs to think quickly on his feet to minimize risk, and ultimately fails to do so. It's easy to feel for him — his actions to try and protect the man and the public were a genuine error in judgment. Watching the city's PR try and deal with the fallout, it's easy to forget we're watching a fictional TV show — and that's exactly the escapism we want from our "Blue Bloods" binging.

Our emotions are also shaken up when Baez gets hurt while working. A loyal partner to the often erratic Danny, it's rare that we see him at the center of any conflict. Though the circumstances are literally life and death, the outcome is a heartwarming one, with Baez admitting that Danny is the closest thing she has to family.

8. Loose Lips (Season 5, Episode 5)

Arguably, "Blue Bloods" is at its best — and most sensitive — when an episode's storylines concern tales of abuse. In Season 5's "Loose Lips," a victim's abusive partner makes a beeline for Jamie after a domestic altercation. Up until this point, Jamie has been known for his kind persona and warm displays of empathy. Even when his heart is in the right place, his actions don't always follow suit; he mistakenly turns his back on the victim, who decides to cut and run. After setting aside time to console her, it's a near-miss to see the victim so close to getting help, and Jamie so close to doing a good deed.

In stark contrast to Jamie's golden heart, Henry's mouth finally catches up with him when incriminating videotapes are released capturing his insensitive comments. Whether or not he has a right to privacy, it's incredibly satisfying to see him get the dressing down he's long deserved. By not realizing that every move he makes is being recorded, Henry's actions also reveal that he isn't as smart as he thinks he is.

7. The End (Season 11, Episode 15)

Don't panic, it's not actually the end of "Blue Bloods" — but Season 11's "The End" is a master class in explosive police drama. It always takes a while for a newbie to settle into the Reagan way of life, and here, Joe is being put through his paces. It's not long before he puts a foot out of place, and is spotted at an illegal gun buy that sets off a dramatic chain reaction. The family learns that Joe is actually working undercover for the ATF in the hopes of bringing down a notorious gun organization. His storyline is the most intense outing of family drama that "Blue Bloods" has ever seen, earning the episode an IMDb rating of 8.6.

The narrative also highlights a softer side to Danny, proving how much he's emotionally matured. In a bid to save Joe from a fate similar to the one suffered by his late father, Danny chooses to withhold critical information that could have triggered even more resentment. We see how the family collectively deals with grief, which ultimately makes their unit stronger than ever.

6. The Blue Templar (Season 1, Episode 22)

Carrying on the themes of grief and characters called Joe, Season 1's "The Blue Templar" bridges together the best in police procedural action. When Jamie isn't busy protecting a woman called Laura from a kidnapping situation, he's revealing the gory financial details of the Blue Templar investigation — resulting in the case being pulled. It's interesting to see him square off against Frank, as Season 1 keeps a tight hold on who's unquestionably in charge (spoiler: it's Frank). Even though the rest of the Reagan clan is pulled in to try and save the day, the Templar team gets away with robbing a total of $24 million in stolen goods. Not exactly something that can be brushed under the carpet.

Elsewhere, another detective is run off the road and Danny offers his services to help. It's hinted that the attack ties into the ongoing Blue Templar saga, making the storyline even more satisfying by tying everyone up in its web. The episode comes full circle when we meet Jamie leaving Laura's freedom in the capable hands of another team. Even the Reagan family deserves some downtime.

5. Justifies the Means (Season 11, Episode 16)

Back in the action of Season 11, the sight of the Reagan family together is enough to make the top 5 episodes of "Blue Bloods." He might have recently disappeared from the family dinner table, but Joe Hill's story continues with even more intensity in "Justifies the Means." The episode quickly switches from one dramatic tone to another, as the Reagans reflect on what happened to Joe Senior before we discover Joe Hill's fate. The show continues to up the stakes effectively instead of thinning out, reaffirming why it's still a well-loved show after so many seasons.

This episode watches both Danny and Jamie take some emotional accountability. Jamie recognizes his need to make amends after Joe Senior's death, while Danny wrestles with his inner guilt and fear for not spotting Joe's behavior earlier. Instead of leaving such a strong ensemble by the wayside, "Blue Bloods" stays committed to building them up — and it pays off.

4. Something Blue (Season 9, Episode 22)

It's finally here — Jamie and Eddie's wedding day. The aptly named "Something Blue" ties Season 9 up exactly the way we want it to end. Leaving fans on the cliffhanger of not seeing the actual ceremony, the episode focuses on the family drama leading up to walking down the aisle. Erin makes a striking impression by rubbing Eddie's family the wrong way, proving that the hard-line stance of a cop can't always be taken into the real world. She launches herself at Eddie with the ulterior motive that she might not be good enough to be Jamie's wife. Family drama at a wedding? Yes please.

While the white wedding is the star of the show, workplace drama is never too far from the Reagan family's grasp. Frank's mind is elsewhere when he gets bogged down in office politics, feeling as though his staff is unable to do one another's jobs. It would be too easy for work to be smooth sailing during such a happy occasion, but fortunately, the pettiness never overshadows the union we've waited 9 seasons for.

3. The Art of War (Season 5, Episode 22)

What could surpass an episode showing the Reagan family happy? According to IMDb, it's an episode showing a Reagan in jeopardy. "The Art of War" is a season finale with tension in every moment, with Linda in a sorry state from the second the episode opens. We see the family's love for one another as she's wheeled into the operating theater, going above and beyond to make sure her health is put first. While she recovers, Danny is on the ground to try to arrest the gang behind the attack. Thankfully he's successful, able to arrest Mario when he catches him on the back foot.

Though the other family members are at the center of the conflict, this episode is Frank's chance to really shine. Keeping his mind on the case at hand, we see him serve just desserts to those who've gotten too big for their britches, leaving us on the cliffhanger that he would meet Clinton Wallace again — possibly to face the death penalty. His direct bluntness makes us love him even more, setting the stakes for the next installment of "Blue Bloods."

2. Family Secrets (Season 10, Episode 19)

Our top-rated episodes are packed full of gripping finales, and the ending of Season 10 proves to be no exception. "Family Secrets" is full of revelations — none more explosive than the introduction of Joe's secret son. When the rest of the family is called to a dramatic meeting, nobody is any the wiser as to what it might be about. For a family that always remains one step ahead of the game, it's an interesting dynamic to see them sweat the secrets that are about to be revealed. The family is hesitant to embrace him, with Danny claiming the setup is a scam.

Anthony is also implicated in a murder, as the victim's last phone call was made to him. He quickly gets into an argument with Erin, with the pair's later witnesses proving to be uncooperative. The struggle of getting a case off of the ground is something that really makes "Blue Bloods" tick — and is made all the more satisfying when the killer is successfully put away. Reluctant teamwork really does make the dream work!

1. My Aim Is True (Season 8, Episode 22)

Coming in at 9.1 on the IMDb rating scale, "My Aim Is True" proves itself as the very best of "Blue Bloods." Taking fans from tears to smiles across one episode, we start with an emotional scene showing Danny visiting Linda's grave. Listening to him talk openly proves just how lonely he really is, alongside how much Linda's character has added to his personal growth. Where one light dims, another shines brightly, as Jamie and Eddie reveal the news that they're finally engaged. The Reagan family has had a difficult ride during this season, and Eddie particularly gives them a reason to smile again. Our favorite TV family is once again a proper unit, with the hope on the horizon leaving a smile on our faces.

It goes without saying that the episode still provides stellar criminal drama. After Danny's emotional visit to Linda, deaths begin to mysteriously occur — from teenage disappearances to heart-pounding assassinations. The team believes the deaths are wrongly connected to 6 men who have just been released from prison. Though there's a lot to be done to get to the bottom of whodunnit, no one is more affected than Erin, having watched one of the victims being gunned down right in front of her. It's a scary situation, but one a Reagan can take in stride.