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Reasons Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Will Likely Never Happen

2014 saw the release of "Edge of Tomorrow," a film that had Tom Cruise take a step back from his traditional machismo characters, playing instead a cowardly public relations officer who finds himself on the frontlines of Europe battling nefarious aliens. There, Cruise's Major William Cage finds himself stuck in a time loop, forced to repeat the same day every time he dies in combat. With the help of Emily Blunt's no-nonsense Sergeant Rita Vrataski, Cage fights against time to save himself and the world before otherworldly predators take over Earth.

Released to overwhelmingly positive reviews, "Edge of Tomorrow" was praised for director Doug Liman's slick action sequences, Cruise and Blunt's chemistry, and co-writer Christopher McQuarrie's sharp and inventive script. Positive reviews didn't necessarily translate into positive box office receipts, however. With a reported budget of $178 million, and an additional $100 million spent on marketing, "Edge of Tomorrow" went on to gross over $367 million (via The Numbers). While not a flop, the sci-fi flick wasn't the summer blockbuster Warner Bros. was hoping for. The film faced stiff competition from a crowded summer slate, which included "The Fault in our Stars,""Maleficent," and "22 Jump Street."

It did eventually find its calling on home video — where it was rebranded as "Live Die Repeat," reportedly grossing over $28 million per The Numbers. Since its debut, "Edge of Tomorrow" has been discovered by millions of sci-fi fans, who continue to enjoy its chaos and confidence. With a cult-like following that's only gaining more momentum, it's no surprise that there's chatter about a sequel.

Unfortunately for fans, there's a strong possibility that Cruise and Blunt won't return for "Edge of Tomorrow 2."

The Edge of Tomorrow sequel is ambitious

While speaking with MTV News in 2015, Tom Cruise revealed that he had pitched an idea for an "Edge of Tomorrow" sequel to director Doug Liman and co-writer Christopher McQuarrie. Though the star didn't reveal any details, Cruise confirmed that Blunt would be interested in joining the project the following year.

A few months after Cruise's comments, McQuarrie confirmed to Collider that the creative team had "the idea for the sequel locked and loaded." Ideas turned into words as 2016 brought the news that "Race" writers Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse would be penning the sequel, with Deadline reporting that McQuarrie would join as producer and script consultant. By the end of 2016, Liman had signed on as director and revealed to Collider that the upcoming film would be "a sequel that's a prequel." It's unclear if that was the idea Cruise originally had pitched. Liman, however, was completely enthralled by the idea of returning to the world of "Edge of Tomorrow," telling IGN that it was "going to revolutionize how people make sequels." Is it possible that the sequel is too ambitious in its direction, making Warner Bros. wary of green-lighting a film that could potentially alienate audiences? 

With such high expectations, one would assume that cameras would begin rolling as soon as possible, but Cruise instead went on to focus on "Mission: Impossible — Fallout," stalling momentum. As 2018 came around, it was confirmed that the sequel would be titled "Live Die Repeat and Repeat," with Liman enthusiastically telling Collider that he, Blunt, and Cruise were passionate about the sequel, confirming that previous scheduling issues between the trio had been worked out. 

The sequel has a revolving door of writers

While Doug Liman had hopes to film the "Edge of Tomorrow" sequel after "Chaos Walking," the film is still in pre-production as of this writing. Will "Live Die Repeat and Repeat" ever come out? It seems unlikely. A few short months after Liman expressed enthusiasm about Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt returning, the director revealed that a new script was being written by Jez Butterworth, who co-wrote the original film (via Collider). Later, "The Invention of Lying" writer Matthew Robinson was courted in 2019 to rewrite the script, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed.

While the "Live Die Repeat and Repeat" script was changing hands, Blunt revealed to IndieWire that Cruise wanted the sequel to film in 2017. The actress declined as she had already signed on as the titular character in "Mary Poppins Returns." Blunt did, however, confirm that was interested in returning and was hopeful that Liman would produce a quality script. And the director did, confirming in 2019 that the script was ready, putting the ball in Cruise and Blunt's court (via ComicBookMovie). 

In 2021, Liman told Collider that the script was still being worked on but that it was in a good state. Liman hoped that Cruise and Blunt's involvement could result in production kickstarting. "If you can get Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to commit to the movie, it's going to happen," the director said, revealing that it didn't matter how far along the script was. With Christopher McQuarrie and a wide variety of other writers working on the project, changing its vision, it's easy to see why Cruise and Blunt didn't commit early on in the writing process when other prospective projects were further along in development. 

Emily Blunt says money and scheduling issues are holding the sequel back

Ask Emily Blunt and she'll say that the proposed sequel has too large a price tag. Speaking to Howard Stern in 2021, the actress said she can't imagine how the film would be made in a post-COVID world. Following the rising cost of goods and supply chain issues for key products, Hollywood has been actively trying to lower production costs (via The Hollywood Reporter). "I think the movie is too expensive. I don't know how we're going to do it and I think that it's hard to align everyone's schedules," Blunt said. "I think until we figure out what's going on with the industry ... we need to figure out what is the next roadmap for the kinds of films that people want to make."

Warner Bros., the studio behind "Edge of Tomorrow," has seen its fair share of difficulties in recent years, casting doubts on their ability to bankroll a less-than-sure project. After AT&T exited the company, the entertainment giant holds $47.5 billion in net debt (via Insider Intelligence), making it crucial that the next few years feature a string of hits. The company has already canceled several films, including "Batgirl," to rake in the benefits of a tax break.

Even if Cruise, Blunt, and Liman could align their schedules, it doesn't look like Warner Bros. is in the position to pony up the $100 million plus the "Edge of Tomorrow" sequel would demand. However, fans of the franchise shouldn't lose hope, as there's a possibility that a series could hit HBO Max in the coming years.

An Edge of Tomorrow series is reportedly in the works at Warner Bros

Warner Bros. made the shocking choice in 2021 to send its entire theatrical slate to its newly launched streaming HBO Max.Village Roadshow, a frequent co-financier of Warner Bros., sued the media giant for a breach of contract by sending "The Matrix Resurrections" to HBO Max (via The Guardian). Made publicly available in 2022, the court documents of the lawsuit revealed that "Edge of Tomorrow," another property that Village Roadshow had its hands in developing, is on track to receive the HBO Max treatment.

The contents of the documents don't suggest what stage of development the "Edge of Tomorrow" series is in, or if it will feature Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. No creatives, like Doug Liman or Christopher McQuarrie are publicly attached as of now. Recent years have seen several successful films be adapted for television, like "Let The Right One In" and "Cobra Kai," so it's not too surprising to see the potential Warner Bros. sees in adapting the sci-fi action flick for the small screen. The series could potentially retell the events of the original film and implement's Liman's idea for a sequel for a second season. Or, it could go in a different direction, focusing on another military member getting stuck in a time loop. Anything is possible, especially if the series hits HBO Max, which has proven itself as one of the best streaming services.

As for where the sequel currently stands: who knows? Cruise and Liman are currently working on a $200 million movie that will be shot in space. Only time will tell if "Edge of Tomorrow" is destined to get a sequel or if the HBO Max series will manifest.