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Netflix Announces Supernatural Teen Series The Innocents With Teaser, Cast

Guy Pearce is heading to Netflix.

The streaming service is beginning to unveil a new supernatural young adult series, The Innocents, to be toplined by the Australian actor, and you can watch the teaser for the newly-announced series now.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will center on two teenagers, June and Harry, who run away from their families to start a life together on their own. They soon realize that their world is not what it seems, with secrets their parents kept from them shattering their innocence upon their discovery. While on their journey, they also discover that they possess remarkable, supernatural gifts that have marked them as a target by powerful forces, threatening their futures and their freedom.

Pearce will play a character named Halvorson, whose role in the story is currently unclear. He will be joined in the cast by Sorcha Groundsell (Clique, In Plain Sight) and Percelle Ascott (Wizards vs. Aliens, Casualty) as June and Harry.

The Innocents will run for eight episodes, produced by the UK-based New Pictures. The series is created and written by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric, with English director Farren Blackburn serving as executive producer. Elkington previously worked on The North London Book of the Dead, while Duric's credits include serving as a second unit director on McMafiaThe Crown, and Black Mirror. Blackburn will direct six of the series' eight episodes, according to Coming Soon.

A release date for The Innocents has not yet been announced. Check out the newly-released promo art from Netflix down below.