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Why Seanchai From The Witcher: Blood Origin Looks So Familiar

Netflix's "The Witcher" is now on its way to expanding into a full-fledged universe of television programs, in addition to the literary and gaming worlds in which the work was first realized. The fantasy series has gone on to win over multiple fans in addition to critics, with Ben Travers from IndieWire observing that the series isn't for everyone but still makes for an entertaining fantasy spectacle. A lot of this comes down to the stellar special effects, but there is also the acting to consider when defining the entire spectacle the series creates. All of these elements have coalesced with the announcement of "The Witcher: Blood Origin" set to continue the saga.

The cast of the upcoming prequel series includes a wide range of diverse performers, with Michelle Yeoh (Scian), Sofia Brown (Elle), Laurence O'Fuarain (Fjall), Lenny henry (Chief Druid Baylor), and Mirren Mack (Merwyn) all on board to lead their dynamic and compelling characters through the events that bring forth the "Conjunction of the Spheres." But there is one cast member in the elusive and essential role of Seanchai, the narrator, that may look familiar to you. Here is where you may have seen the actress before.

Minnie Driver received an Academy Award nomination for 1997's Good Will Hunting

Seanchai from "The Witcher: Blood Origin" is played by British actress Minnie Driver. Driver gained success in movie acting with her breakout role in 1995's "Circle of Friends" alongside Chris O'Donnell, with additional roles in Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci's "Big Night," from 1996 and 1997's black comedy "Grosse Pointe Blank" with John Cusack. But it was her other performance later that year that gained her worldwide fame, "Good Will Hunting." She played Skylar, the loving and sympathetic girlfriend of Matt Damon's troubled math genius Will Hunting. Driver's performance garnered her a best-supporting actress Oscar nomination at the 1998 Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, the film's executive producer was Harvey Weinstein, who nearly ruined her winning the part. Speaking to The Times UK, Driver revealed that the jailed former co-head of Miramax Films said that "nobody would want to f**k her." She then shared, "I remember feeling so devastated until I realized, 'Hold on, just consider the source for a minute. That is an unutterable pig — why on earth are you worried about this f**k saying that you are not sexy?'" The actress then revealed that even though it was empowering to consider the source of the remarks, there could be career ramifications behind his disgusting assessment, as it could have limited her from receiving certain roles requiring a degree of sex appeal. But Minnie Driver's career would go on to flourish in multiple genres and mediums.

Driver had a memorable and long-running recurring role on Will & Grace

After "Good Will Hunting" brought Minnie Driver to the attention of Hollywood filmmakers, the actress continued in this medium with lead and supporting roles in titles such as 2000's "Return to Me," and 2003's "Owning Mahoney," before turning her attention to the small screen. Also in 2003, Driver landed a guest starring role on NBC's "Will & Grace," playing the part of Karen Walker's (Megan Mullaley) nemesis Lorraine Finster. Her character first appeared in Season 5, Episode 15, and would become a recurring role until the (second) series finale in 2020 after the show's 2017 continuation with Season 9.

As the mistress of Karen's husband, Stanley Walker, Lorraine's appearances on the show offered several campy moments between the two rivals. With the reboot underway in 2017, the actress was asked by The Los Angeles Times if she would star in it, to which she humorously replied, "You know what, I better be. Max Mutchnick, you better figure out some kind of deal with ABC [NBC to let me be in 'Will & Grace,' because I will die if I am not in the 'Will & Grace' reboot. I will die..." She continued to joke about how she couldn't bear not reprising Lorraine. She reprised the part, but after playing the character in the early and mid-2000s, Driver would continue to find success on TV.

The actress played the lead role in FX's marital drama The Riches

Minnie Driver would continue to branch out into television in the 2000s in addition to occasional lead and supporting roles in movies as well. But it was 2007's "The Riches," one of the first original drama series to air on FX, which garnered critical acclaim despite only lasting for two seasons. The basic cable drama series told the story of Wayne (Eddie Izzard) and Dahlia Mallory (Driver), two Irish travelers in the United States who eventually steal the identity and house of a wealthy couple who have recently died. The actress received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for outstanding lead actress in a drama series for her performance in the 1st season of the show.

In a 2014 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Driver made a surprising revelation about her work in the short-lived satirical drama. She stated, "That was the greatest part I ever had, hands down. Dahlia was the most insanely beautiful character. It still kills me to this day that we got axed, I think, so unfairly. If it was on now, there's no doubt, we'd be on for 10 years. It was ahead of its time..." The "Return to Me" star added how the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America Strike played a large role in causing the network to lose faith in re-promoting the series after a deal was reached. But TV was where Minnie Driver would continue to flourish throughout the 2010s.

She played Fiona Bowa on NBC's About a Boy

From 2014-2015, Minnie Driver starred in the NBC single-camera sitcom "About a Boy." The show was moderately successful and lasted for two seasons before being canceled by the network during the summer of 2015 (via TVLine). Although reviews for the program were mixed, its positive attributes were frequently highlighted, with The Boston Globe's Christopher Muther observing, "It's sweet but not syrupy. The pilot is so beautifully written and acted that it's difficult to offer any kind of resistance, flaws and all." Driver starred as Fiona Bowa, single mother to Marcus Bowa (Benjamin Stockham), who both eventually befriend their aimless neighbor Will Freeman (David Walton).

The program was adapted from both the 1998 novel by Nick Hornby, as well as the 2002 film of the same name, which was also based on Hornby's book. In a conversation with Collider in 2014, Driver responded to a comment about the series not being a total comedy by adding, "I'm really interested because I think Jason [Katims, the showrunner] is creating a different thing. It's not a sitcom. It's not '30 Rock.' It's its own gem, and I love that. You just create a niche for yourself. It's funny, but it's heartfelt. It's family, but it's cool. Jason is good at that." The actress would continue her sitcom streak with greater success in her next project.

Minnie Driver played Maya DiMeo in the ABC sitcom Speechless

Minnie Driver's most recent leading role was as Maya DiMeo on ABC's family comedy "Speechless," which aired for three seasons from 2016-2019. Her character was the erratic and sometimes eccentric matriarch of the DiMeo family, which also included husband/father, Jimmy DiMeo (John Ross Bowie), and children Raymond (Mason Cook), Jimmy Jr. (Micah Fowler), and Dylan (Kyla Kenedy). The series explored the topic of adolescent disability with a maturity and heartfelt message that made it unique in the network TV comedy landscape.

Although the program was canceled in 2019, Driver celebrated what the show achieved on her Twitter account. The actress shared, "Well now listen. 'Speechless' has been canceled and it feels rather sad. However, I truly believe we have left this conversation about family, disability and love in a better place than we found it. I love all the people I worked with on it, and all of you who loved our show too x."