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Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 5 Trailer Reveals New Alliance

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the fifth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender will see the team ally with an old enemy.

Netflix revealed a new trailer for the upcoming season which will see Team Voltron and the rebellion in a tough spot. At the end of season 4, Prince Lotor (voiced by A.J. Locascio) came to the aid of Voltron during their battle against the evil witch Haggar (Cree Summer). When the new season begins, the Paladins aren't quite sure they can trust him, but Lotor does give them the means to liberate more rebels. 

"This whole thing is like making a deal with the devil," says Lance (Jeremy Shada) in the trailer, which you can check out above.

Showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery told Entertainment Weekly what we can expect in season 5 and the "dawn of a new age of warfare" that Zarkon (Neil Kaplan) announces in the trailer. 

"Basically Zarkon, with the return of his son, now has to kind of take it to the next level," said Montgomery. "He's already announced his son is an enemy of the empire, so you might have conflicts arising within the Galra Empire because of that. It's a whole other level of warfare."

But while the situation gets more complicated, the tone of the show won't be getting darker. "I think it's definitely getting into the higher stakes and some serious stuff, but we always try to walk that line of having the serious stuff but also keeping a little bit of the levity and the fun," said Montgomery. "We never want to go just full downer 100 percent of the time. If our story is getting really dark and intense, we try to find moments to kind of bring it back up."

That's a sentiment that dos Santos echoed. "At the end of the day, there's definitely all of the drama and all of the pathos and stuff that we want to put in there, but there's also this wish-fulfillment of being a Paladin, and the fact that these guys and girls are definitely still teenagers at heart," he said. "There's a ton of fun to be had, so we try to ride that light."

Voltron: Legendary Defender returns to Netflix on March 2.