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Yellowstone's Luke Grimes And Kelsey Asbille Tease Season 5 Storylines - Exclusive Interview

Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) has walked a fine line since the very first episode of "Yellowstone," splitting his loyalty between his family's expansive ranch and his Native American love, Monica (Kelsey Asbille), whose tribe is looking to take over the land. It's a dual life that has proven to be a riveting storyline.

At the end of Season 4 of "Yellowstone," we see Kayce venture on a hallucinogenic vision quest to help him answer the lingering question of where his allegiance should really lie once and for all. When he returns home, he cryptically tells Monica he saw "the end of us," which has left "Yellowstone" fans in an allegorical tizzy ahead of the Season 5 premiere that's set to air on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13.

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Grimes and Asbille opened up about Kayce's vision quest, working together on set, and lessons learned from co-star Kevin Costner.

Season 5 will bring 'more clarity' to Kayce's struggle

Luke, at the end of Season 4, Kayce seeks a vision to help him find answers, and the ritual also means he is now a full member of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation community. Where might that lead him in Season 5, and should we be worried about the fact that he said he saw "the end" coming?

Luke Grimes: As far as where it leads him after the vision quest, we've been wondering which direction he's going to choose from the very first episode of the very first season. That's the beginning of his arc, and it hasn't stopped: What's more important, the Dutton family legacy or the family that he has now? They're constantly pulling him in two different directions, and we get a little more clarity on maybe which way that's going to go in Season 5, which was really exciting for me because, like everyone else, I'm wondering where he's going to go as well. 

The "end of us" line — I asked [creator] Taylor Sheridan about that. He would have to give too much away to tell me what that meant but gave me enough to be able to say the line with some conviction. So as far as that goes, I can't tell you.

On the show, you two are a couple. What's the best part of working together so closely, and how do you keep things light on the set? Any running jokes you can share?

Kelsey Asbille: It wouldn't be appropriate. [laughs]

Grimes: It's always easy with those two [characters]. I feel like we don't have to try to keep it light, and that's been great. Neither one of us take ourselves very seriously, although we take our work really seriously.

Asbille: Yeah. There's so much trust and comfort there. It's a wonderful partnership.

Grimes 'really looks up to' Kevin Costner

Despite John's close relationship with Beth, he seems to share an extra-special bond with Kayce. Luke, what have you learned from working so closely with Kevin Costner?

Grimes: I'd say his work ethic is something to look up to — how much he cares. For someone who has done so much in his career and has won an Oscar and been around for a while and kind of done everything that you could do in an acting career, he still really shows up to work. He wants to get the most out of every line, out of every scene. That's something I can really look up to and something to learn from. Never phone it in. You keep working.

Kelsey, what's your favorite part of stepping into character and onto the set?

Asbille: I feel like I've learned a lot from Monica, and especially the show. It's been five years now, so I feel like I've grown as an actress and as a woman. This season, you see a redefined Monica, and that was exciting to play.

Season 5 of "Yellowstone" premieres on Sunday, November 13, with back-to-back episodes at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Paramount Network.