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Netflix Delivers A Creepy Wednesday Tease With The Show's Title Sequence

Since their creation in the late 1930s, cartoonist Charles Addams' Addams family members have been adapted in all kinds of ways. From live-action movies to animation to a stage musical, the likes of Gomez, Morticia, and the rest of the Addams clan have prospered no matter the medium. As a result, they're now looked upon as pop culture icons that are recognized and adored the world over. However, it's incredibly uncommon for the Addams family to be split up in a piece of media, but that's not stopping streaming giant Netflix from giving it a shot.

One of the Addams children, the ever-cheerful Wednesday, is about to get a television series all her own. Appropriately titled "Wednesday," the program will follow the lead character — portrayed this time around by Jenna Ortega — as she attends Nevermore Academy. In doing so, she'll attempt to get a handle on her psychic powers while working tirelessly to solve a sprawling mystery that's caused no shortage of bloodshed. Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and Tim Burton developed the eight-episode show, which will debut in full on November 23, 2022.

To build some hype for the impending premiere of "Wednesday," Netflix dropped a creepy surprise on its YouTube channel: the series' title sequence.

Wednesday's opening sequence is delightfully spooky

Netflix released the "Wednesday" introduction sequence through YouTube on November 8, 2022 — just over two weeks before the show's debut on the platform. Suffice to say, it's every bit as eerie and macabre as one would imagine it to be. It begins by welcoming viewers into the gates of Nevermore Academy before transitioning into shots of a typewriter, a book, and a cello. From there, it takes us up a spiral staircase, through a spider's web, and into a moonlit graveyard where lightning strikes and crows fly through the air. This is all revealed to take place within a crystal ball.

Moving on, we see a poor teddy bear get beheaded via guillotine, which transitions into a bug being eaten by a venus flytrap. This image gives way to one of a flower that unfolds to reveal a full moon behind it. As the clouds surround it, the shot transitions into one of Wednesday's eyes and the show's title, "Wednesday," and the sequence then comes to an end. Throughout the entire clip, Danny Elfman's delightfully spooky score can be heard, serving as the icing on the cake for this intro. Granted, it does run around a minute long, so it stands to reason many will use Netflix's skip function to bypass it.

All in all, the "Wednesday" title sequence does an excellent job of preparing viewers for the show ahead. If its quality is indicative of the show at large, then fans of the Addams family have good reason to be excited about this upcoming Netflix production.