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More Details On Lando's Droid Partner In Solo: A Star Wars Story

That's funny — Han never mentioned you.

Everybody knows Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian, so even with Donald Glover's dazzle in the mix, it's the new characters surrounding Solo: A Star Wars story that people are really itching to hear about. 

In a new feature from Entertainment Weekly, more details were revealed about one of the newest additions to the space fantasy saga, Lando's droid partner L3-37, played by actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a motion-capture performance.

L3-37 is described as "a self-modified droid" by Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan, who co-wrote the screenplay with his father Lawrence. 

"The idea is that she's sort of a mutt, if you will, of various parts of different kinds of droids who has improved upon herself," he said.

It's a neat idea, making L3 into a literally scrappy heroine. It makes one picture, say, a blender who wants to grow up to be a car. Kind of cute, right? 

"She's a complete individual in the galaxy," Kasdan continued. "We wanted to have it be a completely different kind of droid than you've ever seen in the movies. And we definitely wanted it to be a female. We thought it was more than time for that."

L3-37's partnership with Lando will showcase a different style of human-droid dynamic than previous Star Wars movies have shown, with Glover describing the characters' relationship as being "lovingly contentious".

"She has a working relationship with Lando, and it's very sophisticated and informed by years of working together," said Lawrence Kasdan. "And, Phoebe, herself, is hilarious. The effect that she will appear in is amazing, but she comes through very strongly even with this astounding [CGI], both her humor and her physicality. If you meet Phoebe, she's one of these people you just fall in love with immediately."

As would probably be expected of a droid who lives with Lando, L3 is also considerably more personable and charming than the talking droids we've met before, like C-3PO or K-2SO.

"Her AI is way up there in terms of IQ," said Solo director Ron Howard. "She's capable of some pretty interesting conversations. And Phoebe is hilarious and brilliant and really helped bring that character to life in ways that are funny and surprising."

The character's name, L3-37, is of course a reference to leet speak, an internet thing from the 90s that's been around long enough to have its own Wikipedia page. It's also not even spelled right — the L should be a 1 — but hey, we won't say anything if you don't.

Solo slides into theaters on May 25.