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Tom Hardy Is Demon-Haunted In First Venom Teaser

Tom Hardy has got Venom in his veins.

Sony has released the first teaser trailer for Venom, its Tom Hardy-starring Spider-Man spinoff that looks to have very little to do with Spider-Man.

It's the biggest release of new info we've received yet for the upcoming super-antihero movie, directed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer. Apparently, Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock will become infused with the villainous alien symbiote following a devastating car crash, after which he gets sent to one of those bad hospitals where movie villains make monsters out of regular people.

The teaser, while fairly substantial in terms of indicating the movie's general shape and look, doesn't reveal much of Venom himself beyond showing the shapeshifting symbiote locked away in a containment tube, yet to become all buddy-buddy with a bedridden Brock. It's safe to say that we'll start to see the Marvel Comics character get more fully yoked-out in the marketing as the movie draws closer to release.

The teaser trailer confirms at least one bit of story speculation, revealing the movie will take place, at least in part, in San Francisco — the same locale that Venom patrolled in the film-inspiring storyline Lethal Protector.

In addition to Hardy in the lead role, Venom stars Reid Scott, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed. It will be out in theaters on October 5.