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Everything You Missed In The Deadpool 2 Trailer

We're only a few months away from the return of our favorite fast-talking, regenerating degenerate Deadpool. The "Merc with a Mouth" returns to theaters May 18 in Deadpool 2 with a bevy of mutant buddies, and sneak peeks of the sequel have been scarce — but we got our first look at the Terminator-like visage of Josh Brolin's Cable in the first real trailer, and there's plenty of other stuff to dig into too. Follow along if you're unafraid of spoilers as we break down everything you missed in the Deadpool 2 trailer.

Red eye

The trailer opens with our first look at Josh Brolin's Cable, a.k.a. Nathan Summers. The character has been a beloved mainstay of X-Men comics since his first appearance in 1990, and his red eye is as much a calling card for him as it is for his optic blast-shooting father. Based on his opening narration about being born in a war, we can surmise that the movie will at least partially follow Summers' original origin as a time-displaced son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor raised in a dystopian future.

More machine than man

In the comics, Cable is one of the most powerful mutants in the multiverse, but his potential is stymied by the techno-organic virus injected into him as a child by the evil mutant Apocalypse. The virus was meant to kill him, but he was saved by a talking ship named Ship and a one-way trip to the future, where he learned to keep the constantly spreading techno-organic virus confined to his left arm and eye — albeit at the expense of the full strength of his telekinetic powers. Whether Deadpool 2 will follow the convoluted story is anyone's guess, but in recent iterations Cable has used a tricked-out metal arm for added combat effectiveness after being cured of the original virus, so it could go either way.


Cable has journeyed back and forth from the future to Marvel's present since his first appearance (which was technically his second appearance, if we count his first appearance as baby Nathan Summers in the present...X-Men comics are confusing), and one of the more recent storylines Deadpool 2 may be adapting is Cable's stewardship of Hope Summers.

Unlike the rest of the Summers family, Hope isn't actually related to Scott, even though she bears a striking resemblance to Jean Grey. Instead, she was the first mutant born in a world that had the mutant genome removed by the Scarlet Witch's chaos magic power (remember what we said about X-Men comics being confusing?). Regardless, this is the second time we've seen Hope Summers' name referenced by the movie, following the appearance of her name in the first teaser way back in 2017.

Cable's dial goes to 11

"What's the most pain you've ever felt?" asks Cable in a voiceover as he cranks up the dial on his gun to 11. We're not sure who Cable's asking, but odds are good that his gun is about to cause more pain than the most they've ever felt. It's a great use of the immortal gag from This Is Spinal Tap, but even better, it's a pretty perfect encapsulation of Cable as a character and a concept. He's the most hardcore mutant in the world, with a plan for every situation and an armory of guns bigger than the Blob. Of course his dials go past 10.

Green arm

"Why are the visual effects not done? It's a metal arm! It's not like we're trying to remove a mustache!" Deadpool has a point here with a snide joke that makes fun of Warner Bros.' difficulty in digitally erasing Henry Cavill's mustache for Justice League (you could say it was a bit of an impossible mission for them). It's also a fun riff on the inter-publisher rivalry between DC and Marvel that's in tune with Wade's classic fourth-wall-breaking jokes. Based on what we saw of the mustache-less Cavill in Justice League, a metal arm really might be easier to make. Plus, fans have been clamoring for the "Mustache Cut" of Justice League, so we wouldn't put it past the Merc with the Mouth to put out a "Green Arm" cut of Deadpool 2 once it hits Blu-ray.

A lot taller

We don't see Deadpool and Cable together in the trailer, but we do get the next best thing: Deadpool acts out their first meeting (with some light embellishments, of course) using a pair of action figures. In the scene, Deadpool remarks that Cable is a lot taller in something before getting interrupted. This is likely a wink at the fact that Brolin is playing the massive mad titan Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War movie. Or it could be a goof on the fact that Josh Brolin is supposedly five foot ten, which is a bit shorter than the massive military man he's portraying in the movie, and definitely shorter than Ryan Reynolds at six foot two. Either way, we wouldn't put it past Deadpool to mock a higher-budget Marvel movie...or an actor's height.


We also get our first look at Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, who you may recognize as Van from Atlanta. This is the first time Domino has made it to the big screen, although like Cable, she's been a fan favorite for years. In the comics, she's an off-again, on-again girlfriend to Cable, and a consistent member of X-Force, the secret strike team of the X-family. She's an expert at shooting and stabbing, but her best quality on any team is usually her mutant ability, which encourages good luck around her and means things usually tend to just work out. 

We can expect Deadpool to make at least a couple of jokes about her mutant power being lazy writing, but he'd better hope she's on his side. Another detail that the movie may or may not address is that she also had a brief fling with another character appearing in Deadpool 2: Colossus. While we weren't able to spot the Steel Soviet in the trailer, keep an eye out when the movie's released to see if the film pays homage to Domino's less famous hookup.

The return of Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Negasonic Teenage Warhead, beyond having a phenomenal name, was a standout in the original Deadpool, and it looks like Brianna Hildebrand is reprising her role in the sequel. She's grown her hair out a bit, but looks as punk and angsty as she was in the original, so we should get some great interplay between her and Wade Wilson.

Getting the team back together

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, we see Deadpool in a plane flanked by Domino, Terry Crews, and two hard-to-see mutants. It's possible that Crews could be playing Bishop, the other time-traveling mutant on the X-Men, but he's usually working against Cable, and has rarely been on X-Force. It's more likely that he's playing either Hammer or G.W. Bridge, both frequent Cable allies from Six Pack, which was kind of a non-X-Force X-Force.

Easier to spot is what looks like Shatterstar standing between Deadpool and Crews. In the comics, he's a gladiator from a future dystopia (different from Cable's future dystopia) called Mojoworld, ruled over by the tyrannical Mojo. Colossus actor Stefan Kapičić confirmed that the character is definitely Shatterstar, although he was decidedly silent about which character Crews will be playing. In between Domino and Deadpool looks like what could be Chamber, a mutant who drew the short straw of mutant powers with a bio-energy that constantly leaks from his lower face and throat.

Dopinder the taxi driver

Played by Karan Soni, Dopinder the taxi driver had a bizarrely likable friendship with Wade throughout the original Deadpool, and based on what we see in the first Deadpool 2 trailer, it looks like Soni is reprising his role in the sequel. We'll have to wait for the movie to see if Dopinder ever figured out what to do with the kidnapped cousin he left in the back of his taxi. In the meantime, there's plenty of time to speculate about how it will set up his spinoff movie.

No Black Tom Cassidy

Notably absent from the Deadpool 2 trailer is Jack Kesy, who's playing Black Tom Cassidy. In the comics, he's a frequent partner in crime with Cain Marko, a.k.a. the Juggernaut, but Black Tom is a threat in his own right with his plant-based mutant power and devious plots. Most likely, his appearance in the movie will mirror an early appearance in the comics when he was a target of assassination by Cable, only for Deadpool to play the other side in attempting to save his life. It would be an easy way to bring the two characters into conflict, especially when Black Tom's evil deeds start to make it clear that Deadpool had the wrong idea.

Return of the side characters

It isn't just mutants that are coming back for the sequel. Blind Al, Vanessa, and Weasel are all seen in the Deadpool 2 trailer, but we'll have to see how much time they get onscreen with such a packed cast. As far as Wade's unpowered supporting cast goes, one character is decidedly absent: Bob, the put-upon agent of HYDRA who was slyly referenced in the original. We'll have to see if Disney's lawyers have softened up enough to let Bob appear in Deadpool 2, or if we'll have to wait and see what happens after the studio's planned acquisition of Fox.