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Now That Westworld Is Over, How Do Fans Feel About The Series Finale?

HBO's "Westworld" is a series that is not afraid to ask some of the bigger, more complex questions of the human experience in a digital age. Based on a 1973 movie that was directed by science fiction author Michael Crichton, this show allowed viewers to question the nature of existence in ways that made sense thanks to the rapid evolution of both technology and self-reflective popular culture in the last half-century. The program had its fair share of convoluted and unhinged storylines, as it explored the trials and tribulations of a group of androids running a western-themed amusement park for paying patrons. This was brought to life with stellar acting from Thandiwe Newton (Maeve Millay), Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy/Christina), Ed Harris (The Man in Black), and Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe/Arnold Weber).

Like "Carnivale" before it, the series continued the premium cable network's trend of offering eccentric and evocative long-form spectacles. According to Deadline, "Westworld" has officially been canceled by HBO, which means the Season 4 finale that aired in August 2022 serves as the end of the science fiction program. Now that the dystopian, neo-western saga has concluded, how do fans really feel about how everything went down for what is now the farewell episode of the show?

Many Westworld fans are now confused by the ending of the series

The 4th season finale of "Westworld" received mixed reactions from fans, which will likely continue now that the installment is the series ender. The cancellation comes after showrunner Jonathan Nolan was asked at New York Comic Con in October 2022 (via Deadline) about his plans for a 5th season of "Westworld," to which he replied that there had always been plans for a fifth season, which would have been the series' last.

"We are still in conversations with the network," Nolan added. "We very much hope to make them." Somewhere along the way, these negotiations did not result in a deal to continue the show, which has fans left with their original Season 4 finale assessments to make sense of the entire program.

Redditor u/aaccss1992 wrote in August 2022, "It's kinda ridiculous for the show to suggest that humanity still exists as data inside a computer. Humanity was wiped out lol, whatever memories Dolores has of it is not the same thing as humanity. That's one part of the finale I'm having trouble buying — humanity is not getting a second chance. It's just a computer program." The bleak ending is now completely open to interpretation, with u/AldousKing adding, "I think the real world is f***ed. But Dolores is allowing humanity (or her memory of humanity) another chance to exist in the Sublime where she's basically a God. But she's essentially risking the Sublime to do this, since its a perfect place and humans suck."