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Law & Order Brought Filming To A Quick Stop After A Nearby Fire Caused An Emergency

Television series in the Dick Wolf universe more often than not film on location, with "Law & Order" shows filming in New York, while the "One Chicago" universe shoots in the Windy City. Neither of the franchises has been immune to production delays due to dangerous situations near their sets. In September of this year, filming was brought to a screeching halt on "Chicago Fire" when a shooting happened right next to their set, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A few months prior, in July, a "Law & Order: Organized Crime" crew member was killed when they were shot while on parking enforcement duty (per CNN). Now, another incident near a Wolf Entertainment series has come to light, and it happened during a taping of the mothership "Law & Order." After the episode aired, the production company took to Twitter to reveal what went down near the set and how they helped.

An apartment fire broke out near the Law & Order set

While filming "Law & Order" Season 22, Episode 6 ("Vicious Cycle"), a fire erupted just next to the set. "While shooting this episode of #LawAndOrder, an apartment fire broke out nearby, and our crew was able to assist the FDNY in clearing the street and allowing them to do their work! Thank you to our first responders for keeping everyone safe," Wolf Productions tweeted with a gif of Odelya Halevi biting her lip and tilting her head.

No more details were given on the fire, and we've been unable to track down the specific incident in New York's news. There has been no report of injury or death with the apartment building fire, and we're glad the good folks of "Law & Order" were nearby to help the FDNY.

"Law & Order" airs on NBC every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.