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Eduardo Franco's Favorite Stranger Things Scene Is Surprisingly Simple

One of "Stranger Things'" strong suits is its ability to showcase something as dark as a brutal murder and something as lighthearted as a kid singing a cheesy love song with his girlfriend in the very same episode and have neither sequence feel out of place. Indeed, the best "Stranger Things" episodes often manage to cover a pretty wide tonal range, and the show's willingness to turn from serious to silly to horrifying in the blink of an eye makes each scene all the more distinct and impactful.

With the amount of standout scenes fans might point to in "Stranger Things," it may seem like a difficult task to pick out just one particular sequence as a favorite. That's not the case for cast member Eduardo Franco, though, who has a confident pick for his favorite scene.  But while "Stranger Things" features otherworldly monsters, supernatural body horror, and riveting chase sequences from government agents, Franco's pick is actually a surprisingly mundane moment from Season 4.

Franco loves the awkward dinner scene

As it turns out, Eduardo Franco's favorite "Stranger Things" moment is actually the Byers family dinner scene in Season 4, Episode 3. It's an uncomfortable sequence, with Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Murray (Brett Gelman) lying about their wild Alaska plan, Mike (Finn Wolfhard) taking passive aggressive shots at Eleven, and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Argyle just sitting there, very obviously stoned out of their minds.

Franco explained to The New York Times why he loves the scene. "It was so fun sitting there, marinating in the awkwardness," Franco said. "When it was time for me and Charlie to do our lines, sometimes we would stall while everyone was waiting for us, and we'd be sitting there just eating slowly. It was hilarious, and it was awesome to be able to get Brett and Winona to laugh."

Ironically, Franco wouldn't have filmed the scene if his "Stranger Things" entrance went as originally planned. The actor's initial audition was actually for Eddie Munson (ultimately portrayed by Joseph Quinn), which would have instead seen him battling Vecna with the Hawkins-based cast (via Teen Vogue). Still, the actor seems happy with how things turned out. "I loved that I could hopefully bring a breath of fresh air to the chaos that ensues in the show," Franco said in the interview. "It tends to get crazy, and I was hoping I could serve as 'let's laugh it off now, because I've been tense for the last 45 minutes.'"