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Netflix Plates A Trailer For David Chang Food Series Ugly Delicious

You're eating that?

Netflix is embarking on a globe-spanning food tour for the adventurous with one of the world's leading restaurant personalities, and you're invited to come along for the ride. David Chang, the man behind the Momofuku brand, is stepping out of the kitchen and in front of the camera for the eight-part series Ugly Delicious, and you can watch the cameo-packed trailer for the new food show now.

The series will follow the chef and restaurateur as he roams the world with a camera crew to commune with other culinary personalities, chatting up both food critics and other cooks, picking their brains as they get cozy with some comfort food. 

Each episode of the series will focus on a different type of great-tasting indulgence, with a common thread among the selected dishes being that it all would taste extremely good to eat while drunk. Episodes will focus on topics like tacos, pizza, stuffed foods, fried chicken, home cooking, and barbecue. Outside of the gastronomic professions, the series is also set to feature appearances from notable names such as Aziz Ansari, Gillian Jacobs, Eric Wareheim, David Simon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ali Wong, among others.

In one sense, the trailer for Ugly Delicious makes the series look to be every bit of the garden variety foodie travelogue you've seen the likes of a dozen times before, but on closer inspection, there's something a little bit more relaxed about this show's presentation — a casual chillout vibe. Instead of indulging in the haughty pretension often associated with haute cuisine, the show is approaching the material from a refreshingly blunt, plain-spoken angle. 

It's a grown-up show for grown-ups who like simple pleasures, where people can describe their food with terms like "jelly jizz" while suggestively handling eggplants. Everyone has experienced food so good that the only words to describe it are profane; from the looks of things, Ugly Delicious aims to capture that feeling on camera.

The series was directed and produced by Morgan Neville, an Academy Award-winning director, writer, and producer known for the movie 20 Feet from Stardom and the Netflix documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design.

Ugly Delicious is set to be served on February 23.